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Monday, April 09, 2007

Largenfirm Nukes More Deb-Sites!

Psyops, GN (Apr. 8)--Debbie has attempted to remove
more of her libelous sites. She seems unable to realize
that Gerbils keep screencaps of her sites, the instant
she posts them. No matter: Debbie's old sites are now

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gerbil Stand-Ups Stand Up to Debbie
Gerbils Offer Rim-Shots; Deb Circles Bowl

Comedic, GN (Apr 4)--In teh wake of an extensive
statement to teh Nation by Pres. Sinner, Gerbil
comix appeared for an impromptu Deb Slam session.

Pres. Sinner offered his remarx in after Miss Debbie
offered an unprovoked insult on her McBlog. (Teh
post, since deleted, was nonetheless screen-capped
for posterity...and deb's probation officer.)

Teh insult is evidence of several unsavory tendebcies,
remarked teh President. "If you are here to see 'those
awful gerbils' that are 'harassing a poor woman for things
she wrote almost a year ago,' please take note," he said.
"[Deb's insult was] TODAY, not a year ago. This comment
came out of the blue sky without any provocation
whatsoever. Try to be objective and have your eyes opened.
Don’t fall for the revisionist history."

Sinner was also kind enough to offer debbie some advice on
blogging. "She’d get in SO much less trouble," he counseled,
"if she could debug her process:

CORRECT: rant - edit - post - drink.
INCORRECT: rant - post - sober up - delete.

Upon teh conclusion of teh President's statement, teh Gerbil
Comix took to teh floor. "There was a Green Can Man
knocking on Deb’s door all night," joshed Fatwa. "Finally, she
let him out."


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