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Thursday, September 14, 2006


DHD: Last Man Out?

September 14th, 2006

In Final Hours, Fatwa Left Behind

DHD.com (Sept 14) As DHD ticked out its final hours,
Fatwa gazed around at the emptiness about him. "I feel
like a man without acountry," he mourned. Due to a
computer snafu, Fatwa had become, against his wishes,
the Last Man to leave DHD.

"I wouldn't mind it so much," he said, "except my compatriots
took everything that wasn't nailed down. No desks, no
chairs,...not even a drop of WTF™ to be found!"

Nonetheless, Fatwa remained stoic. He'd found a hobby to pass
the time. "Thanks to a deck of cards someone left behind--one
with an extra joker, go figure--I've been playing a lot of solitaire."
And Fatwa's creativity remains intact: "I even invented a new
game: I call it batfrisch™."

Asked about the rules, Fatwa chucked. "batfrisch is where you
throw the cards in the air, and cry out, 'w00t! I win!'"

When asked about the prospects of a rescue mission to relocate
Fatwa to TSW, an anonymous source at the DHD Rescue Ministry
answered: "Rescue Ministry? What's that?"

Update: Fatwa received a valiant last-minute rescue,
compliments of Founder Sinners 'puter work. Huzzah!
His first words on arriving at TSW were, "Hey, what's
up all that dang squeaking?!"

teh yay! new tim site!
Thanks Tim - Without you and rabbit I would never catch up!

I'm not leaving without Fatwa! Anyone with me?
Otta~ teh yay! New old friends!

sbh~ Now *that* would be teh
story, ay?


Demands include WTF™

teh squeak, c'est chic!™
Hott™ uniform, Tim.

You be stylin'.
Tim -

Sinner helped get me squared-away at TSW.

Teh Yay!™

And thanks for the human (or gerbil)-interest story.
Thanks...It was supplied by
a kindly friend of mine,

Thank goodness!
Just in case, I'd gotten
Def Min hosedragger to
line up some rescue 'copters.

...I guess an update is in
order, then, n'est-ce pas?™
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