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Sunday, September 21, 2014



FLASH! Dummy Deborah Ellen Frisch is off teh rails once again! Over teh last few weeks, Frisch has resumed her harassment campaign (via Discussion Board, Blogging, Email, Telephone, and IRL):


if someone could tell bill that i am going to publish a comedy routine of how much marjorie liked fucking the asian grad student and towelhead fat post doc more than him if he doesn't stop making money from uo rape, that'd be swell.


the bowl of dicks represents all the dicks marjorie liked better than bill's.

please help me help bill.

please ask him to take down uomatters immediately.

via Anonymous Tipster:
At this year’s [Eugene/Springfield Pride] festival, which was held at 
Alton Baker Park in Eugene on July 9, 2014, Dr. Frisch was seen 
berating and belittling the individuals working at one of the booths 
related to transgender awareness. One of our security providers asked 
her to leave, and she did, unwillingly, after saying that she was going 
to have the “entire event shut down” (clearly she did not succeed at that!).

Keep a close eye on teh Lane County Jail...Debbie's bound to be in for another jailterm, and soon!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

DEB FRISCH WebSurfing Again...

Eugene (April 14)--Evidence emerged Monday that Miss Debbie Frisch--who
was fired and repeatedly jailed for her online criminal activity in 2006-2011--
has unwisely decided to surf the Internets again.

Teh evidence for Miss Debbie's return emerged during an April 14th City Council
Meeting (forward to 07:15 for laughs...). As usual, Deb Frisch harassed the
Council with her usual paranoid nonsense. But the opening sentences of
her remarks were telling, as Debbie directed teh audience to "an extremely
important document on teh city's website."

"Go to the agenda for...October 16th [City Council] Work Session," she
Dummy Deb Frisch harasses a City Council meeting April 14th.

spewed. "Click on Appendix D. You will find a very detailed assessment
of teh cost of renovating teh Stadium..."

It seems unlikely that Teh Deb could offer such detailed online directions
without having accessed teh page herself.

In teh rambling remarks, Frisch went on to criticize teh Lane County
District Attorney (who held Debbie responsible for her criminal behavior
in 2006, 2009, 2010, and 2011).

Frisch's latest eruption adds to her string of recent episodes at public meetings.
Frisch imposed herself on meeetings in February; she also made useless,
impotent appearances before teh Eugene Civilian Review
Board on March 11th as well as teh City of Eugene Police Commission
on March 13th (where Debbie whined about "the brevity of summaries 
of public comments in the minutes [translation: ignoring Debbie's 
nonsense] and the racial and gender bias in the bias based policing panel

It remains unknown whether Frisch is slurping WTF Vodka and sucking
down Cheez Doodlez during her online forays.


Friday, March 21, 2014



Frisch spews bile at City Council Meeting, Civilian Review Board

Eugene, OR (Mar 21)--Five years after her first criminal trial, Deborah Ellen
Frisch (aka Miss Debbie) appears to be set on repeating teh past.

Recently released video and Eugene City meeting-minutes reveal that Deb
Frisch is returning to her old patterns--spewing bile at public meetings, and
growing increasingly enraged at her impotence and irrelevance to public

City Council: In a style familiar to longtime Frisch-watchers, Debbie Frisch
stumbled into a Feb. 24 City Council meeting to rage against the City's purchase
of City Stadium. YAWN, right? But not for brainfried Debbie, whose rant
included such choice Debisms as "brutal" "propaganda" "disinformation"
"bullying""disgust" "boycott" "arrogance" and "outrage."

Deb Frisch rants before the Eugene City Council, February 24th.
Her rant includes the words, "brutal" "propaganda" "disinformation"
"bullying""disgust" "boycott" "arrogance" and "outrage"
Miss Debbie went on to proclaim a 6 month crusade against the fait accompli. "Let's play ball," she said.

Civilian Review Board/EPC: Miss Debbie's angry tirade at the City Council Meeting  topped off a busy month for her, appearing at . For some reason, Frisch believes it's a good idea to attend police Civilian Review Board meetings to libel judges and prosecutors who held Miss Frisch responsible for her past criminal behavior (2009, 2010, 2011). Some samples from teh meeting-minutes of teh past 6 months:

  • February 11th: "Deb Frisch stated [the Federal judge who slapped Deb Frisch with a STFU order in September 2010] recently resigned. She said he violated statutes related to official misconduct. She alleged that the Auditor had failed to provide complete information in the Police Auditor’s annual report in 2011 and 2012, and she questioned whether he would provide complete information in the 2013 annual report. She said a Eugene Police Department (EPD) officer was guilty of misconduct in the second degree and had violated the use of force policy. She encouraged the CRB to encourage Police Auditor Mark [redacted] to obey the law."
  •  Miss Frisch ashed out at the Lane County District Attorney at an October 8th, 2013 meeting: "Deb Frisch...believed criminal prosecution of government employees for official misconduct or other offenses was an underutilized method of influencing the government. She believed there was an epidemic of criminal behavior among law makers and law enforcers in Lane County and Marion County. She asked CRB members to convey a message to the Eugene City Council to advise City Manager Jon [redacted] that his decision to outsource the City Prosecutor job to Lane County District Attorney [redacted] was a poor decision." Such libelous habits regarding the LCDA are nothing new to Miss Debbie...

Deb Frisch shoplifts candy before raving at a Feb. 13 meeting of the Eugene Police Commission


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Thursday, September 20, 2012



Deb Frisch Spews Noisy Nonsense @ Eugene City Council Mtg

Eugene (Sept 17)--An apparently beer-bloated Deborah Frisch spewed bile at a Eugene City Council public hearing Monday night. Teh eruption is Miss Debbie's first public appearance since eruptions at Eugene public meetings from

April through June--and teh first public sighting of Teh Deb since her lazy sit-ins at teh Occupy Eugene Medical Tent in July.

Miss Debbie's twitchy, spittle-flecked remarks included teh stoopid description of a Downtown riff-raff exclusion zone as "aggression against teh civil rights of a targeted population" and "a tool of discrimination!!!1"

(As longtime Debbie-watchers know, Deborah Ellen Frisch's legal opinions aren't worth teh vodka-steeped breath Debbie puffs to expel them.)

A video of Miss Debbie's latest rant can be seen at THIS LINK (forward to 4min30sec)

In otehr news: One week since opening, Gerbil Nation 2.0 began taking bets on Miss Debbie's next arrest, with odds set at 3-1 by year's end, and 3-2 by next spring.


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Friday, September 14, 2012


Gerbil Nation 2.0

Retiring President Sinner Reveals: Top Ten Things on Retirement "To Do" List!

Gerbil Nation (Sept 14)--As Lord of Teh
Manor Jerrie Atrick put  teh final finishing
touches before teh launch of TehSqueak.com,
this newspaper managed to score a GENUINE SATIRICAL COPY of Teh Top Things retiring Presidente for Life Sinner plans to do upon his retirement to teh city of Gerbilsburg:

#10...Oil that pesky squeak on teh living room wheel that teh wife
has been bugging me about

#9... Cash in those WTF Vodka (tm) royalty checks

#8... FedEx can of mixed nuts, filled with those popping skakey thingies, 
to incoming overseer Jerrie Atrick

#7... Record phone message telling callers to "Leave a message at TehSqueak"

#6... Rename the dog "She Who Must Not Be Named"

#5... Auction off memoirs for 1,000,000 sunflower seeds on eBay

#4... Start installing pool shaped like a gerbil wheel

#3... Rent a few of those "Miss Me Yet?" billboards in Teh GN Capitol

#2... Send a telegram to that English teacher also named "Deb Frisch":
"Retired today. Can we be friends now?"

And Teh Number One Thing Sinner plans to do in retirement?

And in otehr news...



Gerbil Nation 2.0 (Sept 13)--Tex Made coffee...Gerbils squeaked about politics...
And there was teh inevitable celebrity appearance of SWMNBN (j/k...sort of)

Teh New Gerbil Nation is ON TEH AIR!!!1

Thursday, August 30, 2012




Gerbil Nation (Aug 30)--A mere hours after news broke that Teh Squeaky Wheel faced
extinction next month, an enormous horde of gerbils mobilized behind teh scenes
to save teh squeakiest wheel in teh known universe.

GN Minister of Vice and Virtue Jerrie Atrick revealed he was gerbilly busy
sprinkling shavings on a New Cage: "I bought [Redacted for teh Security 
Reasons]...today," he said, "but we can also point tehsqueakywheel.com to
[it]. I've been busy today getting the site setup....Next week will be about
importing the blog archive files from thesqueakywheel.com."

"TEH WHEEL LIVES!" cheered John teh Baptist at teh news. Other Gerbils
were quick to squeak tremendous gratitude.

El Presidente for Life Sinner is 100% in support of Minister Attrick's work,
and has offered full assistance for a good, squeaky transition.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012




Gerbil Nation (Aug 28)--After 6 years of
turning, Teh Squeaky Wheel is slated to
make its final rotations on September 14th.

"Yep it is," confirmed El Presidente for
Life Sinner. "I just looked at the hosting
[agreement] and it does end on the 14th
[of September]. Everything under 'tehsqueakywheel.com' will go 404 on
that day."

Teh news, while sad, was not completely unexpected. Earlier this summer, teh President
made a public statement that Teh Wheel's founding mission had been accomplished: "teh
deb seems contained to her small trash can surrounded by cheeze doodles and empty
Schlitz cans," he said, adding that he wished to devote more time to his family IRL.

Teh Squeaky Wheel spun into orbit in September 2006, a spinoff of teh famous DontHireDeb
blogspot. "Teh Deb," was teh Wheel's opening motto, "...and a Whole Lot More." In its
six-year run, teh Wheel succeeded beyond measure in both ambitions--and for that, Pres.
Sinner deserves to share in teh credit and lurve he gave teh Wheel's small, but squeaky,
Circle of Friends: "To my friends here at teh wheel, you have been a force for a lot of good
in the world as well as in my personal life. I love you all and will always think fondly
on my time making believe I deserved such a great community."


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