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Monday, September 25, 2006


Doomsday Clock Set Back 48 Hrs...tic-tic-tic

Teh Daily Squeak

Gerbils Plague Rogue Soque-Blogue!

Teh Squeakagon (Sept 25)--The alarm went out over TSW.com
and Teh Wheel Wire at 3:02pm Gerbil Standard Time: Miss
Debbie had concocted a Rogue Soqueblog and advertised its
existence on Craig's List.

Within minutes, a horde of gerbils had descended on the soqueblog
with devastating mockular attacks.

By 3:47pm--a mere forty-five minutes later--the soqueblog had
denuded itself of its objectionable content.

The news pulsed a tremendous thrill through Gerbil Nation, on
a day which had otherwise seemed anti-climatic.

"ROTFLAMO!!!" exclaimed one gerbil, when the destruction of
the soqueblog was announced, "Woohoo! Shock and Awe. Now
she knows what downtown Badhdad was like."

"It’s been mightily amusing watching her sites slowly dissapear,"
added another, "sinking beneath the waves and/or capsizing and
floating around derelict to be colonized by teh Mighty Gerbil Empire.
....Her schlock is disappearing as soon as it appears."

But while the site was gone, it wasn't forgotten. A fleet-fingered
gerbil--who we'll call Anony Mouse--had the presence of mind to
capture a Screen Shot of the libelous soqueblogue. Another gerbil
cracked the blog's HTML code. And, thanks to our Defense Minister's
newly-instituted Wheel Wire™, gerbils got to watch the step-by-
step destruction in real time.

The feat demonstrated the overwhelming technical expertise (and
teamwork) which the Rapid Squeak force had amassed in its short,
yet intense, existence. "This wasn't our first experience taking down
Deb-bile," announced one proud gerbil. "And it won't be our last.
But we're getting better and better with each encounter."

By now she must be feeling Hosedragged, inTimidated, and inSinnerated!

It'll take more than just one or two bottles to fire up her courage to return to TSW for another round of AutoMockery.


When it comes to Debbie™ it's ALL Mock-n-Roll to me!
(rim shot) Nice one, Infidel!
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