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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Fallout From teh Mockular Weapon 2.0

Teh Daily Squeak
"They Just Call it Teh Squeak"--Ray

Are We Living in a MA'AM Age?
Gerbils Discuss Sinner's Conjecture

Squeakinco, VA (Sept. 19)--Tonight, Founder Sinner
posed a question which provoked great interest
among Gerbils: "Any chance AutoMock™ 2.0 actually
send der Frischinator packing?" he asked. "She hasn’t
been back, but has been active on other blogs."

Scholars at STF U., in S'il Vous Plait, Oreygone,
immediately convened to attend to the question.
"Clearly, yes," declared Gen. Uke Er, chair of the
Joint Squeaks of Staff. "Teh deb™ now realizes
that we live in an age of Maximally Assured Absolute
Mockery--a fact I call the MA'AM Doctrine™."

But other gerbils were less sure--especially after the
appearance of an all-too-familiar 'Stoodint' (sic).
Minister of Teh Tehreads, Sulla, speculated that
teh deb™ may have found countermeasures
for evading Automock 2.0&#153. In an exclusive
interview with Teh Squeak, Min. Sulla offered his

"AutoMock is [censored]," he said. "She (finally)
evaded detection by [censored]...she lucked into a
workaround. Not that Automock CAN’T be adapted
to include [censored], [censored], or [censored]."

(Note: Previous paragraph has been vetted for
security by the Ministry of Intelligence, and
sensitive information redacted~Ed.)

Asked what [censored] could amount to, Min. Sulla
responded: "Hehehehe...."


Too funny...MA'AM Doctrine™ ...lipl attack!

Teh Yay™!
From what I understand, the key to unlock teh new comments thingy is[censored].
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
It's always a joy to please. :)

Yeah, I'd heard it was [censored]
But are you sure it wasn't also
[censored 2.0™]? ;)

duhbull-sooper-sekrit squeak™
As usual, stellar journalism, Tim!

My Deputy Sock Puppet, Mr. Joseph Gables, may contact you in the future to discuss ways TDS might help in spreading disinformation critical to our efforts.

I hope so ;)
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