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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...

Teh Daily Squeak

Sinner + Hammer + Miss Debbie = Teh Funny™

Gerbil Nation (Sept 26)--A somber pall descended over Gerbil
Nation today, in response to the return of Miss Debbie's latest
libelous soque-blogue. Perhaps in an effort to raise spirits,
Founder Sinner addressed Miss Debbie in an open letter
at 4:29pm Gerbil Standard time. "HA!" he said,

"I am LAUGHING at the “superior intellect”! In fact HA-
Friken-HA. [A particular post at teh soque-blogue] might be
the perfect post. It is the stupidest thing I have ever seen on
the Internet. Trust me, I have seen a whole lot of stupid.

Founder Sinner then took Teh Debbie to task on a number of
her ravenous rants:

"I have been harassed on the internet and in my real life
(via harassment of local law enforcement, media and potential
employers) by a person who calls himself sinner," she lied.

"That’s Mr. Sinner, SIR!," he retorted. "...I have yet to call
your local law enforcement, I have had no contact with the
“media” and potential employers should be warned about
you. That was the mission of DHD, and sadly it seems that
is to be a major topic at TSW."

"His name might be david, he has a four year old daughter
and he lives in the Central Time Zone. This is his blog
," ranted

"Check, Check, and Check," corrected he. "That should narrow
it down to… oh… 100,000,000 people. If that is all you have
found out about me, you are truly pathetic."

Sinner then went on to taunt teh beast: "Here are some hints…
I have been blogging for over 4 years. My first blog was written
using my real name and even explains where the name “Sinner”
comes from and has a link to my current personal blog. Heck, I
just last night on a TSW thread came right out and said where
I am right now. Yet, you still can’t find me. Again, I laugh at the
superior intellect."

He’s the guy who started don’t hire dr. deborah frisch and who
runs teh squeaky wheel, the spawn of don’t hire, she then spewed.
To which Sinner chortled:

"Well, at least you got that much… I’m totally proud of you. Now,
try patting your head and rubbing your tummy! That should keep
you busy for DAYS."

The beast continued her rant: "Sinner is a truly pathetic sissified
pissant and a true stalker in the legal sense of the term."

Then Sinner drew the heavy artilary (a.k.a. teh facts): "You must
have a different law library than I do. Who posts on who’s blog?
Who writes nasty and untrue things about who? Who is trying to
find out who’s identity? Here is the answer key: You, You and YOU!"

The smackdown continues, but we must cut the article brief to
tend to the Editor's case of LIPL.

Olive it when her Junior Detective Decision Scientist Skills are put out for teh innertube world to see!

Can she "take it up a notch" or whatt? LOL
Don't we know it, Rabbit~

It reminds me of an ole' saying:

"The higher Miss Debbie climbs
in the batfrisch-tree, the more
she shows her arse."

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