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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Zero Hour...

Teh Daily Squeak

Gerbils Speculate on Fate of Miss Debbie;
Initiatives on Rogue Soque-Blogue Continue...

Gerbil Nation (Sept 27)--In a much-awaited event,
Miss Debbie faces charges of telephonic stalking in
a Lane County, OR, courtroom today.

The impending event led to a good amount of
speculation in Gerbil Nation--from gerbils hoping
for jail (everyone), to more staid predictions of a
wrist-slap (Sinner).

In other news, initiatives against Miss Debbie's
libelous, threatening Rogue Soque-Blogue continued.
Gerbils everywhere are pointing the site out to Blogspot's
Powers That Be, explaining why the site is a flagrant
violation of Blogger's Terms of Service.

If you haven't filed a complaint yet, open this page,
and select the "Report a TOS violation" option. Then fill
in the blanks.

Milestones: Bat-frischvahs and Frischenings...

Gerbil Nation (Sept 26)--Despite the depressed mood over
Miss Debbie's latest attack, two gerbils marked milestones
with respectfully dancing glee:

*Ottavarima became (to our knowledge) the first gerbil to
celebrate a bat frischvah, as a result of Miss Debbie's
poo-flinging at her site last weekend.

*Fatwa Arbuckle was given a "pet-name" by Miss Debbie:
"Fatwad." This led gerbils to scramble for nomenclature
to descrbie Fatwa's celebration. Since he wasn't poo'ed
at his personal blog, it wouldn't quite be a "bar frischvah."
Some gerbils provisionally settled on naming Fatwa's rite
of passage a "frischening" (rhymes with "christening").

"I'm gonna parley this thing into something big," announced
Fatwa, "like a new TV show. How does 'Fatwa and Foreskin'

I still like "Fat Wad and Throbbin'" best, but I have friends in low places.

Tim - so good to see you back on teh Wheel of Gerbil Fun.

Thanks much.

To be honest, I was trying to remember "Throbbin" when I wrote it...but it had slipped my mind. (I wrote it in the pre-caffeine a.m.)

Well, when TEH-TV™ releases the episode-guide (and teh DVD?), we'll fix that :)
Thanks for the link. Made it easy for me to fill out the blanks. :)
You're most welcome, Chell :)
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