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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Guess Who Came to Teh Wheel!


Protocol Snafu Causes Confusion

Capiol Wheel, GN (Jan 22)--The unexpected visit came
at 6:44pm Gerbil Standard Time.

"If anyone here can provide me with the contact info
for the Judge that presided over Frisch’s Oregon stalking
case, please do."

At first, Gerbils were stunned into silence--so much so
that Mr. G. assumed the worst. "Is this thing on?" he
asked, "Well, I guess this puts paid to the idea that you
people are somehow my 'associates.'...it's like I don't
even exist."

Evenutally, though, Minister of Propaganda Fatwa
fielded Mr. G's request.

"Tarnation!," exclaimed Min, Fatwa. "It's like Murphy's
Law. Ideally, we'd want El Presedente Sinner on paw
to shake Mr. G's hand."

Another Minister was more critical, at first: "Wow...I
hope he still isn't P.O.'ed at us. Gosh...you'd think we'd
have some kinda protocol for a JG visit! Like red
carpets and a 21-Wheel Salute?! Hey, wait--we have
a Minister of Protocol, don't we?! This is all her fault! "

Other Gerbils quickly rushed to defend the beleaguered
Protocol Minister, though. "Who knew he was gonna
drop by unannounced?," one anonymous minister
rhetorically queried. "But we got it sorted-out in
typically comedic (yet effective) gerbil fashion."

Other Gerbils pointed out that Mr. G, being "cool,"
accepted the explanations for the Protocol Snafu.

"Besides," remarked one Squeak House gerbil,
"If people don't understand that TSW is a squeakin'
24/7 comedy of errors, then they haven't been
keeping up with the progrom."

Teh YAY!®

Teh Squeak is back...even if it's only a "Special Edition"!

[cue recording of "The Stars And Stripes Forever"]
Alriiiight... *happy dance* Love the fresh post here. :) Wow- I've been missing a lot at Teh Wheel. Will for sure have to go flick some shavings around when there is a chance.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
"If people don't understand that TSW is a squeakin' 24/7 comedy of errors
That is it!
teh Yay™! Teh Squeak is back!
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