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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Gerbils Gape

Teh Daily Squeak

Same Poo, Same Deb

Gerbil Nation (Feb 10)--On her website and Craigslist, Debbie
posted more attacks Saturday, her Schlitz-fueled railing
providing proof she's off the rails. As usual.

In addition to her (typical) attempts to rewrite history, teh deb
added some new news: Last week, she telephonically stalked
"the managing partner" of JG's attorney's law firm. She also
dictated a "deal" to JG's attorney, in a conversation teh deb™
recounted as follows:

PL: Hullo?
DF: Hi Paul. It’s Doctor Frisch from Oregon.
PL: [silence]
DF: I’m calling to see if Mr. Lane forwarded you the 25 page brief
I faxed him yesterday.
PL: It’s not 25 pages.
DF: Okay, fine. My question is this: What is your response to my
request to try to negotiate an end to our grievances stemming
from the fact that you have repeatedly filed fraudulent and frivolous
motions against me in an attempt to inflict emotional, financial,
professional and physical harm on me on the basis of my sex,
sexual orientation and political orientation?
PL: Do you mind if I tape this conversation? (I SWEAR on a stack
of korans this is true!)
DF: Actually Paul, I’d like to fax you the draft of an agreement.
PL: Okay.
DF: Thanks.

Gerbils couldn't help but "giggle" at teh deb's presumptuousness
and arrogance. "Stunning moronicity," quipped one. "Note the
use of the familiar form of address [for the lawyer]," observed
another, "while retaining the honorific for herself." This absurdity
flew in the face of certain obvious facts, teh gerbil then remarked:

Clue: he’s employed, you’re not.
Clue II: he’s respected, you’re not.
Clue III: he’s loved, you’re out of batteries.

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