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Friday, February 02, 2007


List THIS!

Teh Daily Squeak

President: CL is Not on the Nice List...

Teh Capitol (Feb 2)--Describing it as a "sewer drain
of the [sic] innertubes," El Prez. Sinner blasted Eugene
Craigslist in a morning message to Gerbil Nation.

In response to an allegation that Gerbils were sniping
on teh List, Prez. Sin offered conclusive proof that anti-
Debbie Listers ("Listerines?") are certainly not GNers:
"I highly doubt that anyone associated with the Gerbil
Nation is posting anything there," he wrote. "If they
had, the wit and charm of the place would have skyrocketed,
which clearly has not happened."

A CL Listerine followed up teh allegation with a threat:
"I say it's time that we RnRers go over to tehsqueakywheel,
"and start taking over their boring ass site." To which
Prez. Sinner is said, by an anonymous informant, to have
replied: "Bring it on!"

Other Gerbils were more welcoming, though. Informed of
a possible imminent visit by CLers, Gerbil Californican
wheeled out a coffee cart. "Feel free to hang around," he
said. "I think I have enough coffee for everyone."

After hearing of Californican's largesse, military experts
were stunned. "Wars happen all teh time," said Gen.
H. Ole Fox, "but I've never heard of one being catered!"

Timmeh! -

I'm glad to see that your award-winning publication is back; teh yay®! (Need to remember to check it regularly.)

Nice you've been Wheelin' again, too. Squeak on, bro!
Thx Fatwa! :)
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