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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Prez Marks First Anny of Debbie's Carpfest;

Gerbils Celebrate with Art Show

Winning Work by Jerrie.Atrick:

More Jerrie Atrick Art works (Suitable for framing!)
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Text of Prezidential Address:

Today marks the one year anniversary of Miss Debbie©’s
hateful remarks on Protein Wisdom.

One year…

In that time our little Miss Debbie© has:

  • “Left” a job and long term relationship
  • Been served with at least one restraining order
  • Called out a Navy Seal
  • Failed to appear in court a number of times
  • Spent at least one night in jail
  • Been convicted of stalking and harassment
  • Publicly libeled the attorney that handled her criminal defense
  • Publicly libeled the attorney that was representing her in Colorado
  • Written numerous hateful and threating comments at various sites
  • Written offensive material about my family which is ongoing
  • Continued to write about the people covered by the restraining order
  • Harassed an insurance company
  • Had her main blog shut down by court order
  • Lied to our hosting company in order to temporarily shut us down
  • Had another blog shut down by court order
  • Publicly libeled the attorney that handled the restraining orders
  • Publicly libeled the law firm that the associated with the above attorney
  • Harassed partners for said law firm
  • Had yet another blog shut down by court order
  • Libeled at least 2 Judges that she has “encountered”
  • Had countless other blogs shut down by court order

This lists only the offenses that are related to the events one year ago
and I am sure it is incomplete.

Quite a year Miss Debbie has had. The sad thing is that it doesn’t look
to me that she will do better in the next year. She is starting to select
new targets. The old ones are not only fighting back, but winning.

Sad, sad state of affairs…

On to an announcement!

I am announcing that this day will be henceforth be known as Frischy
New Year in the Gerbil Nation.

Like Memorial Day in the US, we should use this day to reflect on the
evil that was done in 2006 and rededicate ourselves to making sure
Miss Debbie© never again has the opportunity to have authority over
any student of any age. This was and is the mission of DHD and the
reason we have all come together.

While not condoning her actions, we do owe Miss Debbie a bit of gratitude.
Without her obnoxious and depraved personality, we would never have
had the fun and decidedly non-teh-Deb focused group that we all have
come to enjoy.

So, thanks Miss Deborah Frisch, PhD, you have inspired something
wonderful here even if you didn’t mean to.

Try to enjoy the holiday, but reserve a moment for reflection.

The resolve of the Nation will not waver.

Squeak, MinTeh! Are you planning a special edition for today? I'll be reading...

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