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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Looking Forward to 2008...

TDS HQ--Dec. 29:

To Our Readers in Gerbil Nation:

It's been quite a year, hasn't it? What with the Love
Connections, Gerbilees and All 'Round Fun.

It's quite amazing to see how TSW's role has evolved
these last (going on) 18 months. Amazing to see how
a mighty fine community has evolved.

To be sure, SWMNBN is on the radar screen. But she's
now a lot like what Sen. John Kerry once said about
terrorism: "A manageable threat, much like prostitution."
(Oh, speaking of which. Sorry--couldn't resist that little
Blast From the Past!) Owing to the diligent work of
Largenfirm, it's safe to proclaim that the Gerbil Poo-
Containment Policy is working. SWMNBN's present
efforts, BTW, are sure to land her in the clink one of
these days...and when she does, we'll be sure to print
the mug-shot under a suitably snarky headline. :)

But what does this venue do in the meantime? 5 months
back, I put Teh Squeak on hiatus. I thought I'd think of
some new angle, direction, trajectory in which to take Teh
Squeak. But no ideas have firmed up.

I'll prolly still blog here from time-to-time. If there's Gerbil
News that anyone wants covered, y'all know where to email
me. And if I sniff out something, I'll pop it up here foh-show.

Anyhoo...I just very much wished to wish Gerbil Nation a
wonderful New Year. 2008 is sure to bring lots of Gerily fun.
For now, then, I remain your humble servant~~Minteh.


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