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Monday, February 18, 2008


Feb 18 (GNN)--Persistent Gerbil Nation scourge
Teh Deb has never been accused of sound judgment.
Yet gerbils ev'rywhere were surprised by Miss Debbie's
return to previous libelous and stalking habits against
Teh Nation.

Shortly after posting a blog in which she confessed to
telephonically stalking a member of teh Wheel, Miss
Debbie posted various obscene comments at Teh Squeaky

Gerbils responded with a barrage of humorous snark.
Other gerbils warned Teh Deb that a new Restraining
Order (and/or) jail time could be in teh failed decision
"scientist's" immediate future.

Why'd She Flip?
As for the rationale behind Miss Debbie's latest schlitz-
slip, Intehllegehnce sources suggested that Teh Deb's
recent humiliation on the Society of Judgment/Decision-
Making's professional mailing list may have caused Deb
to snap.

Teh background to teh pwnag3 wuz dis:

Miss Debbie had posted some remarks critical of an
accomplished and published MIT scientist, ridiculing
the seriousness of said scientist's research.

The MIT scientist responded with some worthy
snark: "Clearly you bring much honor to all of us,"
chuckled the scientist. "p.s can you send me your
most recent 3 papers?"--a clear reference to Frisch's
inability to publish, and her career's doornail-dead

But teh Deb would soon suffer another insult to her
vanity--at Gerbil hands.

On Thursday evening, a mailing list poster identified
as "J.G. Erbil" weighed in on the tussle. The post has
since been voided from the Mailing List's archives,
but a copy supplied to Teh Squeak by Intehllegence
sources reads as follows:

From: Erbil JG erbiljg@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Frisch's amazing insights
Date: 02/14, 2008 19:58:12

Dear [MIT] Professor...,

Your last postscript was surprising. Certainly you must
know of Dr. Frisch's decision theoretic research into the
effects of ETOH on public inhibition. It received just as
much media attention as your own work:


The last links, of course, chronicle Debbie's dis by Fox
News, Pictures of Frisch pole-dancing at U Oregon last
summer, and news of an arrest warrant issued in
Deb's civil case a year ago.

Sources speculate that Deb's humiliation in the presence
of her (perceived) peerage made her red with rage. "Teh
'JGErbil' thang made the hit's source an obvious product
of teh Nation's Intehlegence," said a source. "Teh Deb
then hit teh Schlitz...and hit us with sh*tz."

It remains unknown whether Teh Deb will attempt to
escalate teh latest battle with Teh Nation.

President Sinner, who was hustled into a Gerbil Safety
Bunker during teh onslaught, has yet to comment on
teh weekend's antics.

It's reassuring to know I can always count on Teh Squeak for the real (poop) scoop regarding teh not-so-good doctor.
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