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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Teh Nation (Feb. 21)--In a sudden WTF-fueled surge,
Teh Deb has escalated groundless, harassing attacks on
prominent Gerbils of Teh Nation, as well as fouling teh air
with appearances at TSW.com, itself.

"I am preparing to take legal action," spewed Teh Deb, noting her
intent to target Nation President Sinner, Psyops Minister Largen
Firm, and Rt. Honourable Gerbil Jerrie Atrick.

Teh noted Gerbils have fought back valiantly against Teh Deb's
latest vodkaburst.

Rt. Hon. Ger. Jerrie: Here's My Number!

Rt. Honourable Jerrie responded with a direct demand that Teh
Deb cease her threats and harassment. "
he noted, CALL ME. MY NUMBER IS...," then courteously supplied
a contact number.

Teh Deb responded to teh reasonable offer with the cowardice of a
frustrated bully.
"I have no interest in talking to this person," she

Gerbils squeaked with laughter at seeing Teh Deb's bluff called yet

Psyops Minister Firm: "My Lawbaw Laffs!"

Psy. Min. Largen Firm countered Teh Deb's wild accusations with
candor and verve, as reflected in his statement this ay-em:

I did not post the J.G. Erbil missive on the SJDM list," he remarked.
"Good work, though, whoever did! I did, however, call the Secret
Service on you last summer, when you threatened protectees. Patriotic
duty, and all that, you know. We hegemonic Christian white males are
big on that. You made my lawyer laugh with your Harbaugh Boyz
posting, this morning. He is so looking forward to using you as chum
in the courtroom."

"Truly," concluded Minister Firm, "point-n-laugh is all the comedy
Teh Deb has produced in ages."

Teh President: To Repeat teh Obvious, Once Again...

President Sinner has responded to Teh Deb's threats and harassment
with several statements, issued from Teh Squeak House. Text follows:

Text of Statement to Teh Nation:

My legal team has advised me that I should, once again, dispute the words
of a certain nutcase alleged nutcase. They say that leaving libelous, defaming
and outrageous postings unchallenged hurts the case that they are building
against said lowlife alleged lowlife.

OK, here goes…

Dr. Frisch says:

Yesterday, I traced a lead to identify one of the members of Teh Gerbil Nation who has engaged in cyber-harassment of me intended to inflict emotional and reputational harm on me, incite physical violence against me and raise money for Satchel Goldstein’s college and/or legal defense fund.

This site is not setup for the likes of her. It is a gathering of people that find each other comforting and fun to be around. It called a “community”, use your considerable research skills to look that up in something called a “dictionary”. The site, still up BTW, http://donthiredeb.blogspot.com was set up to echo your own words. There is nothing defamatory or harmful to your reputation that was written by anyone except yourself. You published that work under the Creative Commons license,which gives me the right to republish as long as I attribute it to you. You would think that would be a good thing for you since it gets your work out to a larger audience, but you somehow think that republishing your own work verbatim is harmful to your reputation.

Never, not once, not EVER has the suggestion of any physical interaction with you, let alone violence, been mentioned by me or, as far as I know, any Gerbil. That statement is what is called in the “real world” an outright lie. There’s another phrase you might look up, you might find that has a very negative connotation.

This site and all my sites have nothing to do with the Goldstein family. That includes financial matters.

Side note: aren’t you enjoined from mentioning the Goldsteins in any media? … Just sayin’

Now the biggest one of all. Dr. Frisch repeatedly states as fact that the Nation is engaged in cyber-harassment. This claim is, of course, completely false. A simple browse through the publicly available archives (including all content from DHD, for your viewing pleasure) tells a vastly different story. A story of a certain pee-aitch-dee tilting at the Nation’s windmills. A story of blogbursts that always begins in You Jean and generally ends in severe pwn@g3 of said pee-aitch-dee. In fact, before this recent flare-up, one I have avoided getting drawn into, these is nary a mention of said pee-aitch-dee. I made my promise to leave her alone to allegedly harass anyone she pleased and not publish a word about it as long as she left me and my friends alone.

Miss Debbie© once again you have brought whatever you get upon yourself.

Who starts, out of the blue, researching members of a community where they haven’t been mentioned in months? A community which always (at least) tries to take the high road at all times, a community which says again and again that it wants to wash their hands of this person.

Who cries “cyber-harassment” after trolling the accused site?

Conducting research, posting personal info and pictures and calling possible contacts or employers is called “stalking” (look it up). The only thing “cyber” about the behavior of Miss Debbie© is that she uses the Internet to do the research that enables her to do the stalking in the real world.

Final thoughts: I really don’t want to write this post again. Really. Its incredibly boring to be forced to repudiate the same, tired BSSP over and over again. Sort of like being in High School English class all over again except I get to add a bit of snark here and there.

Go away Debbie, if not for us do it for yourself. DO IT NOW!

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