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Monday, January 26, 2009


Deb Frisch Trial 2009



A police officer detected that Deb Frisch was “inebriated” on the night
she assaulted her victim last November, sources say. Public records
also reveal that a substantial dispatch of Fire and EMS rescue teams
arrived at Frisch’s home that night—and were warned by police to stage
far from Frisch’s house.

Further details of the fateful evening are emerging, casting doubt
on any claim that Frisch was “justified” in her assault of a victim in
Frisch’s home nearly three months ago.

Frisch is facing charges of physical harassment, and unlawful discharge
of pepper spray, in connection with the attack. Last month, she declined
an offer to plead guilty in exchange for 5 years’ probation and 5 days
behind bars. “The only acceptable offer,” Frisch blogged today, quoting
a letter to her public defender, “is ‘both charges are dropped.’”

The night of Nov. 1, 2008 began, obviously, with Debbie in a bar, called
the ‘John Henry.’ Aftertanking up, Frisch left the establishment at around

Frisch was in no condition to drive, but seemed determined to try. The
victim, who had been friends with Frisch before the attack, confronted
Frisch outside. The victim relieved Frisch of her car keys—but not before
Frisch assaulted the victim in the tussle, according to the victim’s later
petition for a restraining order (with which Frisch was served last Dec. 5th).

Before long, Frisch was face-to-face with a police officer. “I do not
remember,” Frisch blogged, describing her blacked-out state, “all of the
details of what transpired in the 15 (30?) minutes between leaving the
bar and interacting withEugene Police Officer Judd [redacted].”

Unsurprisingly, the officer readily saw that Frisch was “inebriated.” Police
officers instructed the victim to drive Frisch’s smelly self home.

Upon arriving, Frisch thanked the friend for her favor—by pepper-spraying
her. The victim fled and contacted police, who arrived on the scene
between 1:30 and 2:00am.

Medical and rescue personnel were also summoned. One can imagine
Frisch’s condition, given the enormous response, as seen in EMS/Fire Logs
for that evening (Frisch's address has been redacted):

(EPD police logs also indicate that rescue personnel were warned by the
Sheriff’s Office to “stag[e] well away from the scene.”)

After weighing the evening’s events, the Lane County District Attorney
arraigned Frisch on criminal charges on December 9.

Frisch’s compromised mental state on the night in question has legal
ramifications. She is charged, in part, under Oregon Revised Statute
163.212: it’s a class A misdemeanor to “recklessly discharges an electrical
stun gun, tear gas weapon, mace, tear gas, pepper mace or any similar
deleterious agent against another person.” The key adverb, of course, is
recklessly. Given Frisch’s inebriation and behavior—which was disturbing
enough to prompt a large-scale rescue response—it strains credulity that
Frisch’s actions that night were anything short of “reckless.” (Golly, as
loyal Squeak readers know, Frisch’s behavior is “reckless” even without

Yet Frisch remains sufficiently self-deceived that she can avoid legal
consequences for her actions.
It’s enough to make one pity her poor public defender.

Minteh, Please check you email - I have a favor to ask.
And what is sad/hilarious is that Deb seems determined to stalk anybody who gets near her, even publishing addresses, phone numbers, and lifestyle choices of anybody in her vortex of crazy.
Please be cautious about posting comments, she's been collecting (and reposting) identities.
(Golly, as
loyal Squeak readers know, Frisch’s behavior is “reckless” even without

In all fairness, Deb seems to be hammered all of the time. We don't really have a solid baseline for comparison there.
lol, Brenda~~

an apt point, that.

good advice. Did she pull down her post about the sitemeter capture of somebody involved in one of the multiple legal cases she's facing?
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