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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Deb Frisch Trial Dept.



Eugene (Jan. 29)--Frisch-watchers were amused to notice that, in
a Fearful Fit of FAIL, Little Debbie hurriedly removed various self-
incriminating posts on Jan. 27. The removals, of nearly a dozen posts,
occurred shortly before 8:00PM GST (Gerbil Standard Time).

Frisch removed posts which gave her truthless account of the evening
of Nov. 1-2 2008, for which Frisch has been hit with criminal charges.
A number of libelous posts also bit teh dust.

Frisch experts are equivocal in 'splaining Frisch's sudden failure of
nerve. "She might have sobered up and had a rare moment of
clarity," guessed one Dweebie Expert., who then LOLed. "But,
seriously, I wrote a dissertation on Frisch for my Tc.D. [doctorate in
teh cray zee]. But it's really a matter of speculation why she removes
the posts. Perhaps her public defender caught wind of Debbie's mental
breakages of wind, and told her to STFU, s'il vous plait."

"When it comes to why teh posts came down, anything's possible,"
reflected teh expert. "But one thing is certain: Frisch has never
grasped the concept that Teh Internet Is Forever. She still
doesn't realize that, the moment her posts hit teh 'net, they get
screen-capped and filed in teh olde 'evidence bucket.' Any
rational person would know this; but if Frisch were rational, she
wouldn't be Teh Deb."

"The posts she's forgotten will come back to bite her. Badly."

If anybody needs screencaps, just drop me a line, and we'll see what we can do.

For various reasons, not all materials are available - for instance, we may choose not to provide screencaps that have personal information on one of Deb's targets.

We do, however, always cooperate with law enforcement, and officers of the court.

Kirk Hays
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