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Friday, February 06, 2009


Deb Frisch Legal Follies Dept.


Eugene (Feb. 5)--Little Debbie filed a frivolous petition for a
restraining order last February, according to legal documents
leaked to Teh Squeak.

A bemused Lane County Judge summarily rejected Teh Deb's
incompetently written petition, on Feb. 28 2008. "The judge
took less than five minutes to decide that there was no basis"
to teh complaint, according to a source. (Case# 180804401)

Debbie's fumbled attempt to game teh legal system further
illustrates her obvious legal illiteracy. Frisch has shown that
she lacks teh ability to comprehend legal documents. Her
conduct has had her slapped with bench-warrants for her
arrest. And she lacks the intehlligence to realize that blogging
letters to your own attorney
is prolly a bad idea.

Frisch's idiocy led one lawyer to laugh. "I've never seen
someone so legally clueless in my life," he guffawed.

'08 turned out to be a bad year for Miss Debbie. After getting
pwned in her brainless attempt to receive a restraining order
in February, Frisch's menacing (probably inebriated) behavior
led to her receiving an 18-month ban from teh University of
Oregon's Eugene campus. Frisch also assaulted an acquaintance
--which led to teh criminal charges she faces now.

Harf. Harf. Harf.
Huh. Who'd a thunk it?

(Hint: everyone but Debvile!)

I just read her site, and she confessed that even after a zillion nasty emails to that one Judge, she had an opportunity to confront him at a funeral, and chickened out.

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