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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Deb Frisch Trial, 2009


“A Serviceable Ode To 404″

By: Fatwa Arbuckle

Just think! some night you’ll slurp your Schlitz
Upon a filthy chair
And cogitate teh life you’ve led
And lo! you’ll feel despair

The Green Can Man is on his way
You’ll soon be in teh jail
You’ll live within a little cell
And frisch into a pail

You sully Robert Service
While thinking you’re a bard
You’re just a hack; your Shrieking Shack
Of Schlitz® contains: one ‘tard

Having once been a target of this...thing...all I can say is that I am praying for and am truly hopeful for a good and just outcome from today's events. Should she actually be sent to prison, there will finally be a mental workup given and hopefully she will at last be given the treatment and medications she so desperately needs to quiet those demons that haunt her mind. However if nothing else, she will be away from the public and maybe there can be some peace and quiet in Eugene, Or. for awhile, not to mention the blogosphere.

Keep fighting the good fight, and it is good to see you guys.
You have to question:
as crazee as Eugene is, will they have enough sanity to properly handle her?
Here's hoping.

Thanks for the news.
BroTimmeh -

You'll be hearing from my attorneys regarding this gross violation of my copyright.

Good day to you, sir.

I said good day! ;)

Ready to do the happy dance in 5.4.3...
She was found guilty on both counts.....sentencing is set for Thursday March 12th....
Thank you, Mz Love, and congrats for seeing this through despite the grief you've been through.
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