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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Deb Frisch Insanity Watch 2009 (UPDATED)



Eugene (June 17)--Deb Frisch got herself apparently hit with a permanent
ban from public commentary at Lane County Commissioners meetings
today. One look at this video footage, and you'll quickly see why

Miss Debbie responded to being pwned in the usual way--by hurling idle
threats to "blog" about those who hold her responsible for her vile, worthless
temper-tantrums. She also shook a finger about "Alex redact redact redact,"
who leads the office which oversees Deb Frisch's 3-year probation term,
which Teh Deb received for assaulting and harassing an acquaintance.

Teh LCCC ban isn't Miss Debbie's first ban, of course. Deb Frisch received
an 18-month ban from the University of Oregon campus, after a manic,
booze-fueled tantrum led her to be booted from campus by security
. Teh previous year, Deb Frisch humiliated herself on teh campus--
unaware that students were snapping pictures of Frisch's pathetic antics

Frisch drew teh LCCC "permanent exclusion" for fouling the air at LCCC
meetings THREE times in 24 hours. (Deb Frisch, who marks 3 years
of unemployment next month, has nothing but idle time to disrupt, stalk,
harass, and engage in other criminal activity.) Videos of Frisch's two
previous air-foulings can be found here:

Deb Frisch insanity--June 16, 2009 (10:00am)
Deb Frisch insanity--June 16, 2009 (6:00pm)

As usual, the ban on Deborah Frisch's future meeting-flatulence demonstrates
a well-known lesson: authority can be slow, but when it finally puts its foot
down, Teh Law is always Teh BOSS of Deborah Frisch.

The Law is the boss, yes, but Debbie-Ellen is clearly a disgruntled minion.

Or just insane.

Hard to tell, really.
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