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Monday, September 28, 2009


Deb Frisch Lawsuit Update, Part Deux!


Eugene (Sept 28)--When we last reported on the
case of Frisch vs. City of Eugene et al
, teh case
was about to enter discovery.

If the tidbits we've gathered are representative,
Debbie Frisch is getting quite a beatdown in court.

In just the last month...

*On August 27th, Dummy Debbie filed a motion to
have the presiding magistrate disqualified from teh
case. Frisch's "reasoning" was teh very definition
of chutzpah
: Miss Debbie worried that, because
repeatedly libeled teh Magistrate on
her blog
, he might be partial in deciding Frisch's
frivolous lolsuit.

(BTW...Frisch libeled teh Magistrate AFTER filing her
lolsuit. Specifically, Teh Deb had ranted and raved
that somehow teh Magistrate had helped frame
convicted child-murderer Diane Downs.)

Needless to say, a Federal judge quickly PWNED
Dummy Deb's loopy motion (on Sept. 10).

*Today, email communications between officials
of Lane County and teh City of Eugene emerged,
documenting that Frisch's email address has been
blocked since February-March of 2008.

"The women (sic) sending the attached emails,"
wrote teh official requesting Frisch's email be
blocked, "has been blitzing city, county and state
email addresses for months. They’re taunting/spamming,
not communicative, and she’s using offensive language
and racial slurs."

*County/City officials and technical support members
also emailed one another in December of 2008. They
reveal that, between December 12-15, Deb Frisch sent
harassing emails to the County/City at a rate of nearly
a dozen per day[!]

"Over the past four days," notes a techie, "45 emails
have been blocked."

"Wow. She’s a busy lady." replies another techie.

Indeed, readers of Teh Squeak will recall that Deb
Frisch was in Harassment Overdrive in teh weeks
following her assault of an acquaintance
with pepper
spray, on Nov. 2 2008. Frisch attempted to harass
authorities into dropping criminal charges against

Frisch's bullying, of course, proved impotent. Frisch
was convicted on all counts on March 4th. The following
week, Frisch was fined, sentenced to 3 years' probation,
and ordered into psychiatric counseling.

Needless to say, counseling has failed to rehabilitate
Miss Debbie at all.

Wasn't she supposed to have a job or be in school by now?
What a douche.
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