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Friday, March 19, 2010


Eugene, OR (Mar 18)--Teh City of Eugene filed a motion to extend discovery in Federal Court today--and signaled the next two steps in their efforts to pwn DumDeb's frivolous lawsuit, once and for all:

1) Depose Deborah Frisch: In their filing, Teh City of Eugene revealed that they had been
waiting for teh Federal Court to rule on Dummy Debbie's desperate attempt to amend her civil complaint and broaden her frivolous lolsuit. Now that teh court has squished Frisch's hopeless plea, Eugene's attorneys will take teh offensive.

"With the pleadings now settled...," wrote teh City of Eugene's attorney, "[teh] remaining defendants will immediately confer with [Deb Frisch] in an attempt to find a mutually agreeable date for her deposition."

Translation: EXPECT EPIC LULZ!!!1! As seasoned Frisch-watchers know, Dummy Debbie is a SLOW THINKER on her feet. Stupidly, Deb Frisch testified in her own criminal trial last March. As an eyewitness to teh lulz revealed, prosecutors made easy mincemeat of teh slow-witted, twitching, stammering Frisch on teh stand. Unsurprisingly, teh judge quickly found Frisch guilty of physical harassment and stalking that very day.

Deb Frisch seems to know this, too. Last November, Frisch threw a vulgar emailed temper-tantrum to evade an immanent deposition by City of Eugene.

Teh City delayed their deposition, that time, until pleadings were exhausted.

But not this time.

2) File a Motion for Summary Judgment: In today's filing, City of Eugene also indicated their next step (after humiliating Deb Frisch in their deposition): "the remaining defendants anticipate filing a motion for summary judgment after plaintiff's deposition is completed."

Translation: Dummy Debbie's frivolous lolsuit is living on BORROWED TIME.

It's worth noting that City of Eugene's lawyer was ALSO teh lawyer for City ofSpringfield--which succeeded in winning a Motion of Summary Judgment against DumDeb last month. Since Frisch's charges against teh City of Eugene are just as frivolous as were her charges against Springfield, Frisch's defeat is pretty much assured.

Deb Frisch seems to know this, too--witness her desperate, last-ditch attempt to GET NEW JUDGEZ!!1!, once it became clear that Eugene-Division federal judges were LOLing at Frisch's impotent ravings. (Eugene's defense attorney's quickly smacked down Debbie's pleading as teh incompetent exercise it was.)

After 10 months of wrangling, it's safe to say that Dummy Debbie's frivolous lolsuit is now reaching its endgame.

(With Debbie's lolsuit's demise a matter of "when, not if," teh ONLY remaining question is whether Lane County, Springfield and City of Eugene will then move to slap Debbie with teh legal bills incurred in splatting her incompetent lolsuit. Teh latter two defendants explicitly signaled their openness to punishing Teh Deb in this way for her latest legal tantrum. Will they follow through? Time will tell...)


Excellent and newsworthy snark, BroTimmeh; yay!
She is so hosed - they are going to give her an upper colonic during discovery, and she's opened herself wide open with the wild accusations she's made.

There will be many very, very mean questions asked, she'll be forced to admit her lies and fabrications, and what little internal consistency there had been in her story will vanish like rime in the warm sunlight.

Also, they may be after phone records, internet records, full email from her ISP, the works.

Load it all into a dumpster, and run, Deb!

Make sure you erase your computer disk, too, Hon!


Oh, and it'll all be available for anyone else to see, too.

That's the best part.


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