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Tuesday, March 02, 2010



Eugene (Mar 2)--February was the cruelest month for Dummy Deborah Frisch.

As expected, a Federal Judge UPHELD teh City of Springfield's dismissal from Frisch's frivolous lawsuit on Feb 23rd; this followed closely on the heels of
Lane County's similar triumph on Feb 2nd.

Also as expected, Dummy Deb Frisch is not taking teh pwnage well. Over teh
last 24 hours, Frisch has spewed several vulgar blogs, attempting to harass
various Lane County officials.

Most notably, teh blogs revealed that DumDeb made an infantile attempt to
stalk the Lane County District Attorney at a Feb 1 Use of Force meeting

Frisch, of course, has been impotently livid since the LCDA held DumDeb
responsible for her criminal actions by winning a criminal conviction against
her almost a year ago. As a result, Frisch remains on probation until 2012.
(The LCDA triumphed even despite Frisch's attempts to threaten her victim
into silence; DumDeb, bully that she is, hates it when peeps stand up to her

The LCDA was also heroically instrumental in shutting down Debbie
Frisch's torrent of harassing emails to Lane County--not only have
Frisch's emails been blocked by Lane County (since Feb 2008), but
Frisch has been slapped with a STFU order by Lane County officials,
which will lead to immediate arrest if Frisch violates it

Of course, teh STFU order from Lane County (and a later STFU order
issued by a Federal Court) were direct results of Debbie Frisch's lolsuit
--yet another case of Deb Frisch being hoisted by her own petard.

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