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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Eugene (Mar 9)--Matters in Deborah Frisch's frivolous lawsuit took a turn for teh lulz today in an Oregon federal court.

Frisch filed a "Motion for a Change in Venue," begging for a new set of judges to oversee her limp-lobed attempt to sue authorities who, last year, held Debbie responsible for her criminal actions.

In her filing in federal court, Teh Deb argued that, since she's libeled and harassed and threatened ALL of teh federal judges in Eugene, she deserves a do-over with a new set of judges. Specifically, Dumdeb's filing:
Needless to say, Frisch's frivolous filing has less than a snowball's chance in hell. In fact, Frisch has ALREADY TRIED this stoopid trick before. Last September, Frisch filed a request to disqualify teh present judge magistrate overseeing Teh Deb's case.

Debbie was DENIALpwned two weeks later.


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The amusing thing is, if the court allowed her (or any plaintiff/defendant) to do this (harass the court officers, then claim the court cannot be impartial due to that harassment, demand the trial move to another venue), then no trial would ever complete.


Because as soon as one party recognizes they are losing, all they need to do is badmouth the court officers, document such juvenile misbehavior, and file for a change of venue.

Do-overs into infinity...

Deb, of course, is too fucking stoopid to realize the court deals with jokers like her all the time, so she makes herself look like a total ass by filing crap motions like this one.

Don't expect the court to have infinite patience, Dumbass Deb. Eventually, the sanctions will arrive, and you will not like them!

In the meanwhile, we'll continue to put your stoopidity on display for all to see, forever.

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