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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Eugene (Mar 24)--In an email sent to teh lawyer for teh City of Eugene, Deborah Frisch blogged that she was "considering rescinding [her]...email offer to be deposed on April 15."

Miss Debbie's vulgar email went on to demand that a NEW lawyer depose DumDeb on that day.

Frisch's machinations are reminiscent of last November when Frisch, knowing that she'd get pwned in a deposition, tried to evade questioning by City of Eugene's attorney.

Eugene's attorney responded by filing a Motion to Compel Miss Debbie's appearance--then mercifully agreed to withdraw the motion, pending a judge's ruling on Frisch's motion to expand her frivolous lolsuit. Teh judge got around to squashing Debbie's motion as "frivolous and futile" last Wednesday.

City of Eugene pounced quickly. Teh next day, City of Eugene's attorney petitioned teh judge for an extension of discovery until April 16th, revealing teh plan to: a) depose Deb Frisch, then b) pwn her frivolous lawsuit via a Motion of Summary Judgment.

Teh judge granted City of Eugene's (unopposed) petition yesterday.

Debbie Frisch's tantrums have grown increasingly desperate in recent weeks--no doubt prompted by teh dismissals of Lane County (Feb. 2) and City of Springfield (Feb. 23) as defendants. Frisch, realizing that her frivolous suit will soon be dead, has already tried to tantrum her way into getting new judges on her case--a pathetic maneuver deftly (and lulzily) beaten down by City of Eugene's lawyer. (Frisch has also served City of Eugene's lawyer--and various judges--impotent missives marked "tort claims notice," lol.)

Frisch still doesn't seem to realize teh obvious truth: at this point, lawyers and judges are TEH BOSS of her. If Debbie won't appear voluntarily at teh April 15th deposition, City of Eugene can move to make that appearance compulsory. If Debbie won't obey a court order to appear, teh court can inflict all sorts of lulzy sanctions on pathetic Debbie's azz.

Bottom Line: Teh lulz have only just begun.



We want sanctions!

Big, juicy ones!

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