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Saturday, February 05, 2011


Deb Frisch Criminal Trial 2011



With reports from Trix E. Lom And expert commentary by Largenfirm

Lane County Jail (Feb 4)--Oregon Criminal 1675174, aka
Debrorah Ellen Frisch, was arraigned in jail today. At teh
same time, Gerbil Nation's experts began piecing together
teh nature of Debbie's crimes--and observed a funny
coincidence in teh hours before Debbie's arrest on Thursday.


On amazingly short notice, Teh Squeak's own indefatigable
reporter, Trix E. Lom, scrabbled to observe Little Miss Debbie's
arraignment, which took place behind bars on Friday. (According
to teh jail's search site, Miss Debbie REMAINS BEHIND BARS
as of Saturday morning

"They wouldn't let me take notes, which sucks," observed reporter
Trix E. "The judge was teh same one who Debbie met at her Oct.
25th sentencing
]. Once teh judge stepped into the room, she really
kept it moving. She even told one woman to "keep walking" to make
room for the next woman. So Debbie had little, if any, opportunity
for sass -- it was "Yes," "yes," sign the paperwork, "keep walking."

"Frisch was asked whether her name and social security number
correct on her paperwork and whether she wanted an attorney.
answered yes to each question. A man stood up and shouted (as
did with everyone) "She qualifies!" then sat down again. "Teh
Judge gave Frisch a court date and time of March 14th at 2:30
told her (as she told everyone) that if she is released she is still

expected to show up in court. That's it. I believe they're going to
her because my impression is people who weren't going to
be released
weren't waiting the typical 25 days until their next court

As of early Saturday morning, Miss Debbie still does not appear to
have been released. Teh YAY!


As soon as news hit teh street Thursday night, that Debbie Frisch had
gotten herself arrested again, everyone LOLed. Then they asked, "Why?"
How, pray tell, did Debbie get herself arrested, not only for physical
harassment (a crime for which Debbie was also punished in 2006 and
2009) but also "criminal impersonation" (a class A misdemeanor)?

Light was shed on this matter by Gerbil Nation's own Minister of Psyops,
Largenfirm. In an EXCLUSIVE!!1 briefing of Teh Squeak, Mr. Firm
laid out teh corpus delicti behind Debbie's arrest:
Minister Firm went on to provide specific evidence for teh link: "Just take a gander at Debbie's arrest record:

"See that EGS reference: EGS 10-07564? Well, that refers to a criminal complaint with teh Lane County cops, just after Debbie's weekend assault on teh council candidate. And, lookie at what criminal complaint pops up:

"That's almost certainly [teh Council candidate's] complaint--he was at the corner of 7th and Pearl when Deb confronted him."

Looks like Q.E.D. to me!


An amusing coincidence also came to light, as Teh Squeak burrowed into teh days leading up
to Teh Deb's arrest. After Debbie's beatdown in court Oct. 25 2010, Miss Debbie kept a very
low profile.

But in teh last two weeks, Miss Debbie seems to have begun regaining some of her former
stoopidity. A source saw Teh Deb brooding at teh Oregon Ducks "Celebrating Champions"
parade on Jan. 22. Notable was teh fact that Miss Debbie was now wearing a terrorist-
black shirt--unlike teh colours she'd prefered (green, blue, neutral) in her former days.

Debbie then returned to making a public ass of herself, on Feb 2, at a Board of
Commissioners meeting. Miss Debbie gave an incoherent, but low-key, rant during
teh public comments portion of teh meeting [video here, starting at around teh
9:55 mark

A photo of teh rant (BELOW) shows Debbie is STILL wearing that same nasty-ass
black shirt.

It seems that, alas, Miss Debbie learned no laundry skillz during her last prison-stay.

But it looks like they might get a second chance.

Time will tell...and so will Teh Squeak!

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It's like she has a never-ending supply of Teh Stoopid™.

Excellent reporting, as always!
BTW, she's apparently lost weight, and looks like she could be in the initial stages of 'meth face.' Hmmmmmmm.
I think she's gained weight and her face looks better than before. Compare her last mug shot with this one, Miss B.
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