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Monday, April 11, 2011


Deb Frisch Homeless Watch 2011

Parents ask $299K for "Shrieking Shack of Schlitz"

Eugene (April 11): Oregon Criminal 1675174 Deborah
Ellen Frisch's activities have left her jobless for 5 years. Now,
she might be out of a home. And soon.

According to teh real-estate site CBBAIN.com, teh
Frisch house (aka teh "5 Acre Ranch" aka 86574 North
Modesto Drive, Eugene, OR) can be YOURS for the low price of $299,000! Teh house
went on teh market last month. Photos of teh house's interior show no signs of Debbie

Perfect country retreat just minutes from town," reads teh description. "Custom
contemporary on 5 quiet acres with seasonal creek. Extensive use of wood
throughout with open plan, soaring ceilings and wood-burning fireplace. Main
level master. Bedroom, bath and loft on upper level. Wrap-around deck. Serene
views. Oversized detached garage/shop with 220. Small outbuilding. 4-J schools."

Teh storied shack, which was Miss Debbie's HQ for her 5 year campaign of stalking,
harassment and assault
, is owned by Frisch's parents.

There is some gerbilly interest in acquiring teh shack, Teh Squeak has learned. "
I think
they'll need an exorcist and a fire truck full of holy water to get rid of her evil spirit,"
chortled one Gerbil.

Teh Squeak wondered what a gerbilly victory party might look like at teh Frisch home.
Gerbil Blizzardlane (who coined teh alliterative phrase, "Shrieking Shack of Schlitz," in
2007) generously provided this pre-enactment:

Many details about the sale remain unclear. Most importantly: where will Deb
go when her (parents') beloved shack is kaput? Teh Squeak is tempted to
speculate that Debbie's next stop might be California, closer to her long-harried
parents. Also unknown is whether Debbie will be receiving a share of teh sale-
price (Debbie's creditors take note). It's also unclear whether Miss Debbie
would be able to leave Oregon before her probation has run its course (scheduled,
at present, to expire on 11 March 2014).

(Teh Squeak was unable to contact Lane County law enforcement for comment.
But a local celebrity Sheriff was willing to comment: "That price is too f*ckin' high!"
declared Mr. Lucky.)


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Ok, well, I'd give 'em a buck fiddy for it.
I lived there and rented from Deb. Oh my goodness do I have some stories! I sure am glad I decided to google her name after all these years!!
Do tell, bob.

Incidentally, it appears the house has been pulled from the market.

Not sold. Listing canceled.

Any guesses as to whose fault that is?
LOL, you guys all still blog here?
LOL, do any of you guys still check this out? I love the gerbil victory party.
LOL, you guys all still blog here?
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