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Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Reveals membership in Occupy Eugene insanity swarm

Eugene, OR (June 11)--Convicted violent stalker Deborah Ellen Frisch took yet
another step towards returning to her past harassment-habits Monday, when she
crashed teh public-comments section of a Eugene City Council meeting.

Frisch's latest outburst follows the recent revelation of her unwanted appearance
at the City of Eugene's Police Commission's Outreach and Resource Committee
last month and in April.

While teh Deb attempted to keep her tone restrained, her words revealed the
familiar cray-zee bubbling beneath her twitchy demeanor:

*Miss Frisch dubbed a bike lane proposal as "scary," "unbelievably crazy," and 
"ridiculous"--which embody Debbie's penchant to project her own ridiculous, scary
and crazy tendencies on the sane and sober population.

*Miss Frisch whined about the so-called "escalation" of "aggression"--by her erstwhile 
jailers at the Eugene Police Department--against the assorted vagrant riffraff comprising
the so-called Occupy: Eugene "movement." Again, the talk of "escalation" and "aggression"
are familiar tropes to seasoned Frisch-insanity watchers.
Unsurprisingly, Debbie Frisch also revealed her association with said vagrant riffraff.
"I've been volunteering at Occupy Eugene Medical Clinic at 8th and Oak," said the
convicted criminal, "from 1 to 5 on Sundays since early April."

It is unknown whether Miss Frisch's probation officer is yet aware of her latest activities.
Frisch was sentenced to five years' probation in March 2009, after her second criminal
conviction of stalking and harassment; in October 2010, Frisch was assigned a probation
officer after a probation-violation hearing.


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