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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miss Debbie keeps forgetting her repeated legal defeats...
Tries to evade court-ordered psych evaluation

Eugene (June 18)--Here we go again? 

Oregon Criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch has apparently filed, today, a
"Motion for a Stay of Execution of Defendant Sentence," in
which Frisch threatens to violate a central condition of her
court-imposed probation (which runs through March 2017).

Miss Debbie seeks to "delay until August 2 the July 2, 2015
deadline for complying with the condition that defendant
obtain a mental health evaluation." She notes that the
prosecutor in the case has reminded Frisch that she faces
a 105-day jail-sentence unless she obeys the conditions
of her probation--including the mandatory psych-evaluation.

"In exchange," Debbie laughably offers, "plaintiff will waive
the right to serve any more tort claims until August 2, 2015."
(Frisch seems unaware that EVERYONE is aware that her
lawsuit-threats are toothless.) Frisch goes on to claim that
charges against her (which were already settled by her
pleas of no-contest at court-hearings March 30th and
June 10th) would be "dismissed" if authorities perused
Frisch's threats to file frivolous lawsuits against them.

"If this motion is ignored or denied," Debbie threatens,
"defendant will...go to the emergency room to obtain
the mental health evaluation in order to avoid...105
days in jail." It seems unlikely that such a maneuver
would satisfy the written requirements of Miss Debbie's
court-ordered probation.

Frisch has already tried, stupidly, to evade the psych-
evaluation condition of her probation. On June 10th,
15 days of her 105-day suspended sentence were for
her violation of the psych-evaluation condition of her


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