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Thursday, September 14, 2006


The Mouse That Squeaked

HI L, I'M NOT F! :)

September 14th, 2006

DHDers Find New, er, Cage

Motivated by a desire to "get... away from Dr. Deb as the sole
focus of the site," Founder Sinner has created a sequel (squeel?)
meeing-site, Teh Squeaky Wheel (http://tehsqueakywheel.com)

This "will be a very healthy thing for everyone involved", writes
Sinner. And while noting that "[h]olding Dr. Frisch to account
will always have a place...," nonetheless, "expanding the topics
will allow us to grow."

Founder Sinner also noted that DHD.com, itself, will receive a
make-over: "I plan on radically re-editing the posts of the blogger
site into something the more accurately reflects the original purpose.
...most of the snarky humor and lighthearted fun," he predicted,
"will not survive" at DHD. As for TSW, " I really want this to
be more than Deb," he said. Toward that end, Founder Sinner's
new space includes sections for "Teh Geekery" and "Teh Silly."

VBSers who arrived at TSW seemed cheerful. "I think this will
be great," predicted a certain red-haired girl. A palm-tree avatared
arrivee seconded the glee: "neato! really big avatars!" "Teh Yay!,"
added a yankee of the southern-fried persuasion. "This is really nice!"

Only one worry, in fact, arose among the newly settled VBSers:
"Please," implored Otta, "let’s not forget the vodka at the other
cage . . ."

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