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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Not funny...


For anyone who's followed the morning's events (since 'round
8:00AM PST), you'll 'get' what I'm saying.

The latest turn of events vis-a-vis You-Know-Who in You, Jean
has grown astonishingly unfunny. I find myself at a rare loss for

Hopefully, something will pop up later today that will hit my funny
bone. In that case, Teh Squeak will post.

You-Know-Who has routinely threatened 'collateral damage.' But
things have really been 'taken up a notch' with this latest round--
and I don't mean that in any funny way whatsoever.

Here's the most optimistic interpretation I can think of for today's
events: All of the screen-capping, and keeping You, Jean's authorities
apprised bore fruit yesterday. Perhaps the DA there has let it be
known that s/he really has the goods on YKW. This would certainly
account for the vitriol, of late.

Here's hoping that tomorrow might bring us better news.

--Ed. Teh Daily Squeak

Gday, Tim -

Here's hoping for something cruelly newsworthy today.

Just sayin'...

Fat Wad!™

p.s. - Deb was obviously phoning-it-in the day of my Frischening; I'd have expected something more like "Fartwa" or even "FartWart".

My...how the mighty have fallen.
Hi Fatwa~

Got you in today's Milestones!

Keep Hope Alive!™
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