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Friday, January 26, 2007


Debbie: Call Sherlock and Get a Clue!

Teh Daily Squeak

Sin to Deb:
Debbie Still Delusional, Sez Prez

Teh Capitol, GN (Jan 26)--In a sustained retort,
released today, El Presidente Sinner loosed the
most extensive fisking of teh deb™ in several

The astonishing document focused on several
themes. Inter alia, El Prez

--> Denied that TSW has a formal alliance with Protein Wisdom.

--> Rejected allegations that TSW only exists to harass teh deb.

--> Laughed off claims that TSW profits from squishing deb.

El Presidente also spelled out the reasons TSW has
refrained from fisking teh deb's more recent delusions.
"A careful observer will notice that I missed a few...
debunking opportunities in the past week or so," he
explained. "...In retrospect, I should have responded,
but I am so sick to death of writing about Miss Debbie
that I let my sloth get in the way of setting the record

"We were laughing our Gerbil-[derriere]s off," giggled a
State Department source, who was laughing too hard to
share his name.

Asked if he had a personal message for teh deb™,
the source chortled. "You bet! I'd say, 'Hey, deb! It
ain't your ears that are ringing--it's your Clue Phone!
I suggest you pick it up."

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