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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Who is the CL Bomber?

Teh Daily Squeak

Random Flinging At CL-Eugene Begs Query:
"Who Is Teh CL Bomber?"

YouJean, OR (Jan 30)--Teh so-called "Blog Brawl"
takes many forms. Sometimes, it involves big-gun
"25 Franklin per hour" lawbaws. Sometimes, it's
amusing little snarks like teh 5Acorn Ranch blogue,
posted by a gerbil with teh "nom de guerre," Debbie
Does You, Jean. Or the consistent acorn-slinging by
gerbils at Piface (a soqueblogue Miss Debbie seems
to have built, but forgotten teh password...heh).

But now, some low-level snarking is unfolding on
Eugene's Rant n' Rave site. Teh latest attack on
Gerbil Nation includes this bit of doggerel:

Oh my, oh my don't you know
they're famous bloggers on the go.
Blogs of baby talk babble many do think,
and obviously those diapers do badly stink.
So bad are the smells - the room next door,
poor gerbils in a cage have hit teh floor.
Babies bullies you know can be so unkind,
they'll beat a dead horse they are so blind.
A.D.D. you say? Doubt that's what it be,
just a bunch of baby bullies swimming in pee.

Teh question around teh cage seems to be:
Is it U No Who?

"Well," speculated one gerbil, "the poetry's
almost bad enough to be hers. Though...the
coherent train of thought in includes leaves
me unsure--debbie usually isn't capable of

In other news, a cursory search of livejournal.com
yielded this find: a "Cliff Notes"-like summary of
all of Miss Debbie's "crimes & misdemeanors."
The author claims to be a gerbil, writing under
the nom de plume, "Gerbil 4. Justice."

Email inquiries of teh anonymous gerbil's aims
remained unanswered at deadline.

I am so glad you are squeaking again!
Thanks for teh updates.

I don't know who Gerbil4 is, but my hat is off to teh page/summary.
me, too...

useful...especially in my biz :)

(hmm...I accidentally typed
"sueful" at first...Freudian
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