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Friday, February 09, 2007


Anoteher Jolt To Teh Lab-Rat...

Teh Daily Squeak

Teh Debolution Continues...

"Debbie, STFU, SVP™!" Sez Prez...

Teh Capitol, GN (Feb 9)--Probably emboldened
by her nightly Schlitz (and bumwine) cocktail(s!),
Miss Debbie posted yet another profane message
to CL Eugene--which inspired a chastening rebuttehl
by El Presidente Sinner this morning.

"You may think you are anonymous," Sin counseled, "but you
could not be more identifiable. I am someone that has taken
great pains to stay anonymous on the net, and yet I know
that a determined, competent person could track me down
in a few hours."

"The justice system," he added, "can and will tie you to these
postings in time."

In addition to Teh Debbie's attack on El Presidente, teh post
also singled out Vice Presidential candidate Bilgeman for
abuse. "You are nothing but an unnamed gerbil with a
cleaver nicki-name like Bilge...," slurred teh deb. "What
the phuck do you think you are?"

Gerbil politicos speculated that Gerbils, digging teh dig,
would elect Bilgeman unanimously. "It just goes to show
he's hard on teh deb™," remarked columnist Will
Gorge. "Wait, lemmee rephrase that...."

"he's hard on teh deb™"

Now, that is teh funny right there...
Now, that is teh funny right there...


(Because I'm an irksome little toady perpetually suckin' up to teh boss.)
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