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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Debbie = (Creek - Paddle - Canoe)

Teh Daily Squeak

"Debbie, You're Fired!"
Lawbaw sought to ditch deb in
September, papers show...

Gerbil Nation (Feb 15)--Deb's own attorney
sought to withdraw his services several months
ago, according to papers posted online by teh
deb™ this afternoon.

In addition to a bill to debbie (for $1,618.50),
deb's postings also included a "Motion to
Withdraw as Counsel" composed by teh Cody
law firm, as well as a document reflecting
receipt of teh motion (by JG's attorney) on
8 September.

(It's unclear whether teh motion is yet in
force, since other accounts show debbie
having legal representation as recently
as a Dec. 6th hearing, in which debbie
was slapped with an arrest warrant.)

In addition to teh legal papers, debbie also
included a comment on her blogue. Sock-
puppeting as "Perry Mason," teh deb™
exposed her barren legal knowledge (as
usual). "I would have...ask[ed JG's attorney]
why: [a.] his client was willing to lie to the police
by claiming he was in imminent danger; [b.]
why Mr. Lewis was willing to assist his client
in putting in a fraudulent request for a TRO to
the Denver County Courthouse."

Deb's legal pipe-dream envisioned JG's
attorney prostrate (and his prostate):
"[W]hen [JG's attorney] was speechless and
started fondling his silk faux-phallus nervously,"
she wrote, "[I would then] ask the dim-witted
patent lawyer to drop his fraudulent, frivolous
harassment of my client immediately."

Teh Squeak attempted to contact GN Atty
General, Denny F. Crane!, to comment on
the legal nuances of teh deb's jurisprudence.
But reps of Mr. Crane!'s office revealed that
he'd been taken to Mass Gerbil Hospital by

"They're re-attaching teh ass he laughed
off," said an aide.

Jeeze...I hope they reattach DFC's azz in time.

Aren't you supposed to put them in a glass of milk until you get them reattached?

Or am I thinking of something else...
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