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Tuesday, February 06, 2007



Teh Daily Squeak

Gerbils Strike Back

Teh Octagon (Feb 5)--Reacting to yesterday's
Squeak dispatch, Miss Debbie™ posted
several yelping messages to CL--one of which
quoted Teh Squeak as a source.

The Gerbil response was quick and awesome:
a mere half-hour later, CL was treated to Teh
Truth™ about Debbie. "Deb Frisch is NOT
a victim," read the rejoinder. "She has been
prosecuted for stalking and two counts of telephonic
harassment. She copped a plea to harassment and
is serving one year of probation in Lane County."

Teh CL rejoinder also posted links to several sources:
stories on teh deb™'s outstanding Denver arrest
warrant, as well as a PDF-file to her terms of probation,
handed down by a YouJean judge last Sept. 27.

Gerbil Nation reacted proudly to the counterstrike.
"He’s good," declared a certain pixie who requested
anonymity. "Let’s buy him a drink."

A follow-up CL-posting also revealed Gerbil Nation's
motivation for its presence in CL YouJean. "I have no
stake in this," wrote the gerbil. "I simply want
Frisch to stop posting under other names in her
campaign to look like a victim. I would also like to
see her stop harassing those she has been attacking
for the past eight months."

That, in 34 brief words, describes the desires of
every gerbil in Teh Nation--this editor included.

Today's Editorial....

Has the arrest warrant been executed yet?
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