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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Shelter: http://tehsqueakywheel.blogspot.com

GN Weathers Bad Weather
Lights Low, but Spirits High, in Sheltehr

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GN Fallout Shelter (Feb 26)--At 5:15 GST,
Gerbil Nation was plunged into an unprecedented
power outage. Teh source of teh outage is a
possible TOS Event, Pres. Sinner later revealed.

Gerbils have taken the blackout in stride. "It
just shows that Gerbil Nation isn't merely a
website," said one from teh depths of teh
Fallout Shelter; "We're a state of mind. Set us
up anywhere and we'll flourish!"

"Ya know, I was thinking," said Gerbil Dipsy.
"Teh deb gets shut down and the only beings left
to chat with are the Schlitz-fueled voices in her
head.We get shut down and look what happens.
We're camping out!"

JoeShmoe joyously latched onto teh trope: "Ha!
Let's turn out all the lights, make a blanket tent,
and light up the inside with dueling flashlights.
Hee hee!"

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President Sinner Working to Fix Teh Problem

And the s'mores were delicious!

Thanks for the shelter, you're a peach.
Thanx, Bren...ur sweet.

It was nice to know we had someplace to go... Thanks!
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