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Sunday, February 25, 2007


A Threat to Gerbil Nation?

Brenda's Dryer!
Malevolent Maytag Mars Manners

Gorgetown, GN (Feb 25)--"It sucks," fretted
Gerbil meteorologist Win D. Fur. "No, really:
Brenda's Dryer sucks up everything that ain't
nailed down. It's disconcerting."

As savvy Gerbils know, Brenda's Dryer has
become Gerbil Nation's El Nino--implicated,
most prominently, for hoovering up etiquette
and manners. "It's now part of the holy Trinity
of blame," noted a GN blogger at furryworrier.com.
"We used to just blame Rabbit. Then we blamed
Rabbit...though it was Bilge's idea. We're coming
to teh point where we blame Rabbit for Bilge's
idea...which was disgorged by Brenda's Dryer."

Asked to explain the Brenda Dryer phenomenon,
Dr. Fur attempted an astronomical analogy:
"Like an omnivorous black hole, Brenda's Dryer
has snowballed in mass by drawing all sorts of
crud into its orbit: socks, gerbil manners, Cheney's
approval rating," he explained. "In fact, only one
celestial body even begins to rival B.D.'s appetite:
Denny Crane!"

Could Bren's Dryer present a military threat to
GN? A Pentagon squeaksman, Art Hillary, hinted
at teh possibility. "We have some intel that Boo
Kitty is threatening to harness Teh Dryer's suction
to upend Gerbil weather-patterns," he remarked.
"But we can't be certain of that--after all, Boo
Kitty is a LIER."

minteh is back!

our minister of intelligence is back!

teh yay!®
i have no idea who cybil is... unless she's one of the sockpuppets i used once upon a time. that comment was supposed to be from your dear friend otta!
Ooh, pretty graphic.

I like it here in Brenda's dryer...

just sayin'

I don't care who you are, that's teh funneeĀ®!

But I use very nifty dryer sheets and lavender sachets in the dryer.

And sure, the occasional gerbil and weapon of mass destruction get's sucked in, but it all comes out so nice and fluffy...as long as the lint trap is treated with the deference it deserves, that is.

Do not taunt the lint trap.
Isn't that

"Do not taunt happy fun lint trap!"

Kirk -

It isn't that happy a lint trap. Alla time getting stray manners and cat fur stuck in it's mesh.
I love Bren's Dryer~~


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