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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gerbil Nation Blasts Debbie...Again

Teh Capitol, GN (Mar 27)--In a statement to Gerbil Nation,
"Thread Boy" Sulla offered a 400-word credo comparing
Miss Debbie's long-running stalkfest to Ms. Kathy Sierra's
plight, documented here.

"Freedom of speech–however distasteful and rude
the speech may be, is crucial," Ms. Sierra wrote. "But
when those words contain threats of harm or death,
they can destroy a life."

Sulla seconded Gerbil Nation's support of this distinction
--and flagged teh Nation's continuing effort to hold
Miss Debbie accountable for falling afoul of it: "Those
of us," he wrote, "who have been witnesses to...the Deb
Frisch...matter can certainly relate. It is one thing to insult.
It is another entirely to post that which constitutes an actual
threat to your health, life, or sanity."

"Such MUST be opposed - loudly, consistently, and persistently,"
Sulla added.

Duking It Out With Miss Debbie--In Technicolor!

YouJean, OR (Mar 27)--In other news, recently appointed
Min. Psyops Kirk Gerbil and X-LA Native both ventured onto
YouJean's poisoned soil to engage Miss Debbie in a bit of
conversation. Here is teh transcript:

Largen: So, Deb, in the cold, semi-sober light of morning, you
thought better of last night's postings? Too bad, as we screen-
capped them all, and have forwarded them to the legal rep-
resentatives of the aggrieved parties. The screen-caps will
serve as evidence in the ongoing legal action. Thanks for making
it sooo easy! Your Bestest Pal, Kirk.

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Teh Deb: The [sic] screen-caps certainly will be evidence in the
ongoing legal battle--thanks for your help!

Largen: Snort--yer false bravado make me laugh! Dummy.
Your Bestest Pal, Kirk.

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Teh Deb: don't you have a wife and two daughters? why don't
you have anything better to do with your time than tinkle on
my ankle?

Largen: Nope. I'm retired, so I've a couple of decades to see you
imprisoned and/or institutionalized. Dummy. Your Bestest Pal,

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Teh Deb: Kirk, even if you are retired, the question remains as to
why you don't have anything better to do with your life than collaborate
with Mr. and Mrs. Jeff [redacted] and Mr. Paul F. [redacted], Esqure
in their increasing bizarre, counterproductive and soon to be very
costly harassment of me.

Largen: You libeled me online, repeatedly.What more reason do
I need?...Oh, and did I mention your (attempted) stalking of me?
Yer not very good at it, really, but intent is what counts in the
courts. Dummy. Yer Bestest Pal,Kirk

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X-LA adds: I'm curious what communiqué instigated the
latest batch of postings that have since disappeared.You're quite
predictable, Debbie: Spew, review, delete. The last action always
too late. How does it feel to rant in a vacuum? Where you've only
two types of audience - those that document and those that litigate
against you. For some reason, I don't think that's what you've been
hoping for. It's also clear that try as you might, you cannot erase
the fact that you alone have brought about the loss of your job,
relationship, and reputation. The latter will take YEARS to rebuild,
if ever.It'd be easy to make a start: unplug the computer. Get a journal.

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I'm just the laundress. X is the proprietor of Brenda's Dryer.
In light of recent fantastic coverage of Teh YouJean Duke-Out provided by our Incredibly Witty Duo, Largenfirm & Brenda's Dryer, and enjoyed by Gerbils everywhere, I would like to renew my subscription to Teh Daily Squeak, in perpetuity.
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