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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nedra Still Lives!

Undisc Loc, GN (Mar 10)--Gerbils puzzled (and mourned) over the recent disappearance of Gerbil Nation's favorite blogger, Nedra. Independent witnesses have now confirmed the circumstances of Nedra's recent vanishing.

"Nedra Z and her anut have been relocated through teh GerbilNation Witness Protection Program," said a source. "Plans for this contingency were laid over the December holidays when Nedra and her anut were supposedly on vacation and/or moved....Nedra Z and her anut have
been given new identities and will carry on their work in other areas."

What occasioned this emergency relocation? Teh source speaks: "Nedra Z and her anut were undercover agents for Teh Animal Rights Force (ARF). They were investigating 'bad dog homes' in teh Eugene, Oregon area when their cover was blown by a mole in teh 'FREE KIVA' task group." Asked to identify teh mole, teh source would only provide a sketchy photo and a cryptic directive:

"Just follow teh smoke"

The outing required emergency evasive action to ensure a low profile. Thus teh Nedra Lives! blogspot was removed by Nedra Z. Despite teh disheartening turn of events, Nedra Z's anut recommended staying cheerful: "Nedra Z didn't die. Nedra Z lives on in the hearts of her many readers. "

Thanks for teh refuge NedraZ! I don't know where I will go now to read good things when I am sad; but maybe when I find a place, I'll find you there, too? I shall maintain hope.
Nedra Z lives on in the hearts of her many readers.
She certainly does.
Thank you for sharing!
When Nedra returns, can we have fireworks? Cake?
I hear Kate bakes good.
We miss Nedra. Come back soon.
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