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Monday, June 18, 2007

All In Teh Family:
Son of Psyops Sec'y Joins Cause

Cyclops City, GN (June 18)--In a surprise announcement,
Psyops Department Secretary largenfirm appointed
his son, Kyle, as Head of the Deparment's Cyberpwnag3
Division. "

"I've been really busy...lately," Secy Firm wrote. "...so
I've asked Kyle...to take over on posting updates on
Dear Deb."

The most specific duty Kyle will have will be to manage
over a dozen of Miss Debbie's former blogs--most of
them yanked by Blogger for debbie's nasty libel-habit.
Secretary Firm quickly gathered the sites, and replaced
their debbilish content with something more funneh™.

In his announcement today, Secretary Firm went on
to express his confidence that Kyle will flourish in his
new post: "I expect the McBlogs to be much more interesting,
as Kyle has some definite opinions about Debbie, and
I'm sure he'll feel free to express himself."

In an exclusive interview with Teh Squeak, Mr. Kyle
expressed eagerness to get to work: "I've had my eye
on those Dead Debbie Blogs for a long time," he said.
"It's time to really find out what we can do with 'em.
I'm gonna have tons of fun finding out."

Welcome to The Horde, Kyle! You follow in some pretty illustrious footsteps, but I am certain you'll do an admirable job.
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