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Wednesday, June 13, 2007




The Sh*tuation Room, GN (June 13)--
Breaking a ten-week lull, Miss Debbie opened
the flood-gates with a full-bore harassment
and libel-marathon, Sh*tuation Room insiders
revealed today.

Deb's first salvo, sources say, was launched at
1:39PM GST yesterday. Within an hour, Debbie
emailed economics professors at the University
of Oregon to complain about an "anonymous
student" who had "refer[ed] to [Debbie] as a
'sh*tbag' and 'purely annoying b*tch.'" And at
2:51PM GST, Debbie followed up with a catch-all
swipe at JG, JG's attorney, and others, including
a "sexist dolt" who she accused of shutting down
Miss Debbie's libelous blogue, formerly known as

Debbie's reign of error continued into today,
including a posting at the U of O's student
newspaper, the Oregon Daily Emerald.

Miss Debbie's re-emergence follows on the heels
of her recent humiliation by quick-eyed shutter-
bugs. On June 7th-8th, bloggers for the Oregon
Commentator publicized and satirized Miss
Debbie's recent "appearance" at the University
of Oregon's YouJean campus. Their work--
framed as a comic-book--included a picture
of Miss Debbie assaulting a lightpost and being
thrown off campus by authorities.

BroTimmeh -


Wunnerful, wunnerful!

Thanks, Minteh!
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