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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Menace Deb Frisch EJECTED From Meeting!!

YouJean Or (Apr 29)--Deborah Frisch faces a May 21st "follow up"
court date to gauge the progress of her rehabilitation in a Lane
County Court. (Frisch was convicted of physical harassment on
March 4th
and sentenced on March 12th.)

The long and short of it is: Frisch has reacted to her punishment
by throwing more tantrums.

Up to now, Frisch has satisfied herself with libeling and harassing
numerous people--including:

Well, now we can add slander and disorderly conduct to that list.

On April 29, Deb Frisch was ejected from a meeting of the Lane
County Board of Commissioners. During her brief 1 minute
appearance, she slandered a member of the board, and a police

At last, board member Bill D. called dummy Debbie on her carp.

The chair of the meeting then "excused" Debbie and sent her
scurrying off.

The video of Debbie's meltdown (and delicious comeuppance)
appears here...along with certain necessary editorial tweaks ;)

(Beware: some audio NSFW)

Another great video Mr. Minteh.

And buwahahahahahaha!
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!eleventy!!!!1
Teh Cabal is pleased by your loyal service, and amused by your excellent humor.

We've voted, and teh check is on its way!

I wonder if Mommy and Daddy are booking another flight to Oregon to bail her out again.
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