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Thursday, February 11, 2010



EWEGENE (Feb 11)--In papers filed by Teh Deb in Federal
Court yesterday, we find this amusing nugget:

"Due to the very sensitive nature of these allegations,
left Courtroom Deputy [REDACTED] a voicemail
message at
3:00 p.m. yesterday [Feb. 9] asking him to
produce the email,
if it existed..."

Of course, Frisch's contact of a member of the Federal Judge's
staff violates a STFU order teh judge issued Frisch last November,
which forbade Frisch from "communicat[ing] directly with any
of my chambers staff...by e-mail, typed or written correspondence,
by telephone, or in any fashion..."

Frisch's "allegations"--teh flimsy pretext for Dummy Debbie's
latest harassment of the judge's staff--include her laughable
denial of sending a vulgar email which got Frisch pwned last month.

(For teh record, Frisch's denial rings as hollowly as her limp-lobed
cranium. Deb Frisch's history of harassing officers of teh court is
a matter of official public record. Frisch has also attempted to deny
posting libelous/harassing notes to teh internet before--only to be
quickly pwned by IP records proving her involvement.

Frisch's latest burst of batsh*t crayzee appears to be related to
a Chief Federal Judge's dismissal of Lane County as a defendant
in Deborah Frisch's frivolous lawsuit
. Earlier this week, Miss
Debbie briefly posted a blog libeling teh Magistrate overseeing
Frisch's lolsuit
. Her unhinged mental state has also been frequently
splattered across Facebook.

(screencap below)

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