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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Old DebFrisch.com Getting New Links!

Seeking YOUR Suggestions...

Eugene (Aug 23)--Teh Olde online home of Miss Debbie, debfrisch.com, received some new links Wednesday, and teh blog's new owner is seeking
public input about future additions to teh blog.

The blog, now titled teh "Deb Frisch Containment Project" added links and descriptions to several informative sources about Teh Deb yesterday:
"I'm open to suggestions for adding new links," noted teh new Webmaster of
Teh Project. (Suggestions can be made by commenting on this Daily Squeak post)

As veteran Debbie-watchers know, debfrisch.com was Miss Debbie's online base
from which she originally began her harassment campaign in July 2006. A court
order kaputed teh blog in February 2007. Gerbil-friendly elements scooped up teh
domain in 2010. Since Miss Debbie remains under a court's probation-order to
STFU, her reaction to teh coup is unknown.

Being the ill-humored, unkind person you know me to be, the first two ideas which come to mind are:

1) A clear linky to teh timeline for those interested in the whole unfortunate story, and

2) LOLFrisches!
LOL Frischies. Yea, I vote for LOL Frischies. Moar please. I've heard that teh Doktor no likie teh humour.
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