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Friday, September 14, 2012


Gerbil Nation 2.0

Retiring President Sinner Reveals: Top Ten Things on Retirement "To Do" List!

Gerbil Nation (Sept 14)--As Lord of Teh
Manor Jerrie Atrick put  teh final finishing
touches before teh launch of TehSqueak.com,
this newspaper managed to score a GENUINE SATIRICAL COPY of Teh Top Things retiring Presidente for Life Sinner plans to do upon his retirement to teh city of Gerbilsburg:

#10...Oil that pesky squeak on teh living room wheel that teh wife
has been bugging me about

#9... Cash in those WTF Vodka (tm) royalty checks

#8... FedEx can of mixed nuts, filled with those popping skakey thingies, 
to incoming overseer Jerrie Atrick

#7... Record phone message telling callers to "Leave a message at TehSqueak"

#6... Rename the dog "She Who Must Not Be Named"

#5... Auction off memoirs for 1,000,000 sunflower seeds on eBay

#4... Start installing pool shaped like a gerbil wheel

#3... Rent a few of those "Miss Me Yet?" billboards in Teh GN Capitol

#2... Send a telegram to that English teacher also named "Deb Frisch":
"Retired today. Can we be friends now?"

And Teh Number One Thing Sinner plans to do in retirement?

And in otehr news...



Gerbil Nation 2.0 (Sept 13)--Tex Made coffee...Gerbils squeaked about politics...
And there was teh inevitable celebrity appearance of SWMNBN (j/k...sort of)

Teh New Gerbil Nation is ON TEH AIR!!!1

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