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Thursday, September 20, 2012



Deb Frisch Spews Noisy Nonsense @ Eugene City Council Mtg

Eugene (Sept 17)--An apparently beer-bloated Deborah Frisch spewed bile at a Eugene City Council public hearing Monday night. Teh eruption is Miss Debbie's first public appearance since eruptions at Eugene public meetings from

April through June--and teh first public sighting of Teh Deb since her lazy sit-ins at teh Occupy Eugene Medical Tent in July.

Miss Debbie's twitchy, spittle-flecked remarks included teh stoopid description of a Downtown riff-raff exclusion zone as "aggression against teh civil rights of a targeted population" and "a tool of discrimination!!!1"

(As longtime Debbie-watchers know, Deborah Ellen Frisch's legal opinions aren't worth teh vodka-steeped breath Debbie puffs to expel them.)

A video of Miss Debbie's latest rant can be seen at THIS LINK (forward to 4min30sec)

In otehr news: One week since opening, Gerbil Nation 2.0 began taking bets on Miss Debbie's next arrest, with odds set at 3-1 by year's end, and 3-2 by next spring.


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