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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Frisch remains free...for now
Debbie feared arrest at hearing, begged for cancellation

Eugene (April 29)--Oregon Criminal LCAC1675174 remains
free tonight, despite her fears (and everyone's laughing hopes) that she
would be arrested at today's hearing in connection
with her most recent criminal acts.

In the hours leading up to Tuesday's hearing, which allegedly
involved her public defender requesting to withdraw as her
advocate (he was later persuaded to change his mind), Miss Debbie Frisch begged for the hearing to be cancelled--even revealing that she would file false reports
at a hospital emergency room to dodge the hearing.

Frisch also spent the 36 hours leading up to the hearing on
a libel/stalking/harassment frenzy. Among other actions,

Debbie threatening toothless lawsuits and provoking a psychiatric clinic to slap Miss Debbie with
 a cease-contact order.

In the end, Debbie ended up attending the hearing, after being warned that she'd stupidly revealed to the judge
--by phoning his office--that she was fully aware of the impending hearing.

"You left a voicemail for [the judge]," a lawyer warned Debbie, "that proves you knew about
the hearing. he can issue a warrant for failure to appear."

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