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Friday, September 29, 2006


No Batfrisch is Good Batfrisch...

Teh Daily Squeak
"Out with teh cute--in with teh snark!"
--Denny F. Crane!

Free Kiva Movement Gains Traction

Compliments of: Mari Posa Grafix

Nedra City, NN (Sept 29)--Nedra is soft-spoken, but
she maintains strict boundaries: "I don't like that mean
fighting lady," she said. "I think the mean fighting lady
caused my crapal tunnel syndrome. People at the friendly
site, Teh Squeaky Wheel, have said that the mean lady's
abuse of me might be actionable. But I don't know what
that means yet."

Yet Nedra surely knows what "Free KIVA!" means, and
she's on board, according to a posting to her blog on Friday.
"The last time the lady went to jail that KIVA was left alone.
I do not know if that is true. If it is, it is bad."

"I do not live in Oregon and cannot go there in person to"
help," Nedra continued. "But I will write in my blogspot so
the many readers can come up with more ideas to help.
No dog should have to live with a jail going mean fighting

Ironically, one of the most militant members of the Free
Kiva! movement has a six-degrees-of-separation-link to
Ms. Nedra. "I'm gonna liberate Kiva if I gotta smash down
teh walls myself!" wailed Mew Kitty, a retired Navy

Mew Kitty trains for Kiva-Liberation mission, in an
undisclosed location.

Yet Mr. Kitty grew testy when asked whether he had
any relation to the notorious Boo Kitty. "Yeah," said
Mew Kitty, "we're cousins. Boo Kitty's family has
always been the black cats of the family: Boo's
brother, Nip Cat Kitty, is a drug-dealer, and Boo's
sister, Yow Ling, has many arrests for disturbing the

Asked if she minded being in the same group with a
relative of Boo Kitty, Nedra graciously demurred.
"No. Boo Kitty might be a LIER--but Mew Kitty
is on FIER! I like him."

Defense Minister: "I'm OK"

Gerbil Nation (Sept 29)--In an open letter to members of
Gerbil Nation, Defense Minister Hosedragger announced
that he's in good spirits. "Everything is great," he said,
in an announcement to Gerbil Nation Thursday night.
"Life is really good here at the homestead. Just awaiting
further develpoments soon as are everyone else."

Gerbils responded to the Defense Minister's surprise visit
with cheers and squeaks. "He's the best kick-squeak
Minister in history!" swooned gerbil Ima Lurking. "You
gotta admire the mettle his armor is made of!"

The Defense Minister also let gerbils know that, while
he's silent, he's far from gone: "Yes," he mentioned, "I
have been lurking."

Your article left me breathless...I'm cryin' I tell ya!

I had no idea that Boo Kitty came from a crime family. At least Mew Kitty is on teh side of rightousness.

Keep on Squeaking Truth to Power!

Always a joy to hear from you :)

Yeah, I couldn't believe it either!
That Boo Kitty...came from such a bad brood that I almost feel sorry for her.


Dear Mr. Tim

Thank You for writing a story about the Free KIVA Cause.
I hope you have many, many readers that help.
My blogspot will get the Message out, too.
My Crapal Tunnel Syndrome is in Remission, now.
My anut said I cannot respond to any blogspots except on my own blogspot. She said that is how mean fighting people get your goats.
But she said I could write to Thank You for the story. And I did.

Your friend,
Nedra Z.
Dear Ms. Nedra~

Thanks very much for your letter. I'm very happy that we can work together to free Kiva from the mean lady.

I'm glad to hear that your crapal tunnel is in remission.

Please thank you anut for me; it was very nice of her to let you write to me.

Your Friend, too,
Tim :)

teh HEH™

Entirely possible. Plus, we know that a litter of cats can have more than one "Dad." I'm guessing that Boo and Mew might have been members of the same litter, but fathered by different "Toms" ;)
Wow...so many revelations in your article; you should be nominated for a PullAtYour Prize™.

I'm glad you're promoting "Free KIVA", because I like dogs. Yay!

Fat Wad!™, pee aitch dee and na na na na na na na na
MinTeh, I hope all is well. We miss you on teh wheel. Has teh Debmonster got you? If so, we can send Mew Kitty in for the rescue mission.

Seriously, I hope everything is okay. We look forward to you rejoining us at teh wheel.
MinTeh! Dude! Where the heck are ya?

Teh Wheel's not teh same withouchoo.
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