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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Deborah Frisch Trial Notes


Eugene, OR (Feb 18)--In a furtive series
of feverish, inebriated blogs tonight, Miss
Debbie revealed how she attempted to
threaten her victim, the Eugene Police
Department and the Lane County District
Attorney's office into dropping their criminal
charges against her.

Frisch's efforts, of course, were an EPIC FAIL.

The events of Nov. 1, 2008, are now a matter
of public record.
Miss Debbie, intoxicated, was
given a choice between: (a) landing in teh olde
Drunk Tank, or (b) accepting a ride home with a
concerned acquaintance. Frisch chose the latter
--then rewarded her friend's good deed by luring
her into the house and pepper-spraying her.

It now can be told: between Frisch's Nov. 1st
activities and her arraignment on charges on
Dec. 9th, Frisch pursued a slash-and-burn
strategy designed to intimidate her victim,
police witnesses, and the District Attorney
overseeing teh case:

On November 4th, Frisch harassed one of teh
responding police officers, "W", with a phone
call. "When I called him on November 4...I
asked him if he knew of me before we met on
November 1, 2008. He said yes."

In her fantasy blog, Frisch infers a clanging
non-sequitur from this fact: "That is, on
November 4, 2008, Officer [W] admitted
to me that he knew I was an activist [LOL!]
who mocked him and other EPD officers,
thus establishing a motive for harassing
and menacing me on November 1, 2008."

(In fact, Frisch's fantasized "activism" is
anything but. As video documentation
proves, Frisch's "activism" is a cognitively
empty exercise of spewing harassment,
slander, and lies.
Besides, Debbie has
made herself a city menace in other
well-known ways; small wonder that
every EPD officer knows her on sight.)

On Nov. 11, Frisch harassed another
officer at the scene, Sergeant L: The
officer, writes Debbie, "(a deaf-mute?)
did not utter a single word, nor did he
respond to the voice-mail message I
left for him on November 11, 2008,
requesting that he call me back regarding
EPD incidents 88125 and 88130 and
LCSO report 08-8685."

(Of course, Frisch's habits of telephonic
harassment--for which she was arrested
in 2006
--are legally documented. No
wonder Sgt. L ignored her.)

On Nov. 18th, Frisch "asked for assistance
from [read: harassed] LCDA H," i.e., the
Lane County District Attorney.

(Teh DA ignored Debbie's blatherings, of

On Nov. 21st, Frisch turned from harassing
officials to stalking and harassing her victim:
Frisch admitted contacting the "human resources
director at [Frisch's victim's workplace]."

On Dec. 1st, Frisch attempted to threaten and
extort money from the Lane County Police, by
bluffing to file a frivolous lawsuit: "I am requesting
two kinds of compensation," she said,

Frisch first begged for police to assist her in
"damage control" (read: being held accountable
for her crimes)

"I am scheduled to be arraigned on December
9, 2008. If this happens, there will be a public
record of the incident and it will almost certainly
be posted on the internet, thus drastically
increasing my damages. So my first request
is that Officer W...and Sergeant L...engage in
damage control and provide written documentation
to the District Attorney (and cc me) providing
testimony in support of the allegation [read: lie]
that my use of mace was lawful, since I was
forced by W... and L... to go home with a
citizen who had committed felonies against me."

Of course, Debbie has a bizarre definition of
"forced." As noted, above, Frisch had two
perfectly good choices: spend the night in
Ye Olde Drunke Tanke--or have a willing
acquaintance take her home.

Frisch's second "compensation" was--surprize
surprize!--for money. (Frisch has been
unemployed since July 2006
; her funds have
ebbed so low that she qualified for a free
public defender.)

"The second type of compensation is financial
compensation for the damages I have experienced
in the last month and continue to experience.
If I am forced to retain a lawyer to defend myself
against these blatantly frivolous charges"--[some
peeps, by teh way, have made a drinking-game
out of Frisch's insane use of adjectives, lol]--"and/or
the frivolous charges against me are disseminated
on the internet, my damages will increase
enormously. I have suffered legal harassement
and phone and email harassment and physical
stalking for one month."--[note Debbie's familiar
habit of "projection" here]--"I am not sure what
the dollar value is for the damages I've suffered
in the last month"--[Frisch's actionable damages:
$0. Watching Miss Debbie get legally pwned:
PRICELESS]--"...but I know my damages will
be much higher if the situation is not resolved
prior to December 9, 2008, the scheduled

Needless to say, authorities weren't cowed by
Frisch's threats. Their reply to Debbie's talk
of a lawsuit was prolly the same as how
FOX News called Frisch's bluff in 2006,
when she threatened to sue over their news


Miss Debbie's "lawsuit" turned out to be
another transparent bluff. She was arraigned
as scheduled on Dec. 9th. Since she rejected
a plea agreement--which would have sentenced
her to a 5 day jail term and 5 years' probation--
Frisch's trial is set to begin on March 4th.

Authorities are to be commended for weathering
Miss Debbie's threats. Many have buckled
under her Criminal Spoiled Brat act. It is
reassuring to see people with the backbone
to stand up to it. At long gerbilly last!

You know, she can sell crazee like nobody's business.
Nicely summarized, timmeh!

She's really stuck her teat in the wringer this time - it's a pleasure to watch her squirm, rant, and scream.

Deb, if you read this, I suggest you head for Mexico.

Large (and in charge!)
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