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Friday, February 13, 2009


State vs. Deborah Frisch Dept.

'Deep Squeak' Spills Beans in Frisch Case!!


Eugene (Feb 13)--New details have emerged in accounts
of Miss Debbie's criminal activities on the fateful night of
Nov. 1 2008. The accounts, coupled with earlier information,
tell of a harrowingly batfrisch crayzee night. Small wonder
that Frisch now faces criminal charges, in a trial scheduled
to begin on March 4th

It has been learned:

Such facts bode ill for Frisch's attempt to defend against charges of physical
harassment and reckless use of pepper spray. As usual, we find ourselves
pitying Debbie's put-upon public defender...

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Might explain some of her more erratic behavior recently, including posting the photos of the daughter of some Berkeley Professor who has a crippling illness.
Oh, one of her traits has been to go after children, the more helpless the better. She even posted pictures of the family of the man whose name she misappropriated for the name of her current blog. She's posted pornographic "creations" involving chilren of people she wants to damage, and threatened to do more of the same unless they do her bidding (pay her, give her information, and so on).

Her pathology is tinged with evil.
She is at it again today/tonight/whatever, claiming that the Sept 11 widow killed in that plane crash in Buffalo had her flight sabotaged.

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